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Asia Stocks, US Futures Dented by NY Ebola Case

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 9:49pm
Asian stock markets, US futures dented by New York Ebola case

Officials: New York Doctor Has Ebola, 1st in City

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 8:24pm
Officials: Doctor who returned to New York from West Africa has Ebola; 1st case in city

EU Reaches Deal to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 8:18pm
EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent by 2030

Lawmakers Seek to End Benefits to Former Nazis

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 8:18pm
Lawmakers to offer bill denying Social Security benefits to former Nazis

PGA President Refers to Poulter as 'Lil Girl'

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 8:18pm
PGA president calls Ian Poulter 'lil girl' for criticism of Ryder Cup captains

Autopsy: St. Louis Officer Shot Myers From Behind

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 8:09pm
Family autopsy shows St. Louis police officer shot Myers from behind 6 times in confrontation

Shaheen, Brown Meet for 3rd Debate for US Senate

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 8:09pm
Incumbent Shaheen, challenger Brown meet for 3rd debate in New Hampshire US Senate race

Feds Probe Maker of Faulty Airbag Parts

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 8:08pm
Takata Industries, the maker of the defective airbag parts being recalled. affecting nearly 8 million cars, is now the subject of a preliminary criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in New York. The problem with the airbags ??? made at plants in Washington state and Mexico...

Doctor Isolated at NYC Hospital Tests Positive for Ebola

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 7:51pm
A preliminary Ebola test has come back positive for a doctor who recently traveled from West Africa and is currently being isolated at a New York City Hospital.

Watch the Canadian Parliament Attack Unfold

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 7:06pm
Canadian police officials released surveillance footage and a description today that gives a moment-by-moment breakdown of the Wednesday attack near and inside Parliament.

Police: Hatchet-Wielding Suspect Shot by Officers

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 6:46pm
NYC police: Hatchet-wielding man attacked group of officers, injuring 2 before he was shot

Murder Suspect Back in Custody After Accidental Release

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 6:06pm
A murder suspect who was mistakenly released from a Baltimore detention center is back in custody.

Another School Football Season Ends Over Hazing

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 5:54pm
Pennsylvania school football team's season ends over 'humiliating' hazing, coaches suspended

New Questions About White House Fence After Intrusions

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 5:51pm
The latest fence-jumping incident at the White house has brought not only the Secret Service into scrutiny again but the White House fence itself. The bottom line: Is the fence enough?

Paintings in National Parks Spark Probe, Furor

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 5:34pm
Paintings, drawings found on rocks in national parks across West; investigation underway

Tornado Does Damage in Washington State

ABC News - October 23, 2014 - 5:31pm
Tornado hits Washington state; residents told to avoid damaged section of city


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