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White Cane Days Coming In October

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

One time each year members of the Woodbury Lions Club solicit contributions from the public to assist the blind and to prevent blindness.  This annual drive is designated as White Cane Days.  This year the event will be on Friday and Saturday October 10 and 11 according to Lois Larimer, chairperson of the drive.  Funds collected during this drive will assist the club in making it possible for patients to be treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center without cost to that patient.  Other programs and projects assisted with White Cane Day funds are to provide recorded books, magazines, text books and any other material to blind and dyslexic person upon request: to provide a guide dog to any qualifying blind person at no cost; to provide low vision assistance and equipment to any person qualifying to provide assistance to students at the Tennessee School for the Blind in Nashville and to provide hearing aids to qualified persons in the county.  
Lions Club members will be manning road blocks in Woodbury Friday and Saturday October 10th and 11th from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening.
Other members will be soliciting donations from business and professional people.  Anyone wishing to make a tax deductible donation may do so by sending a check payable to Woodbury Lions Charities Inc to Lois Larimer 110 College Street Woodbury or giving it to any Lions Club member.

Vehicles On Old Prospect Road Broke Into

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Cannon County Sheriff's Department is investigating a vehicle break in at a Old Prospect Road Residence.  According to Sheriff's Department reports, Justin Harris stated that someone had busted the glass out of his 2008 Chevy Tahoe.late Monday night The truck was sitting in the driveway and had the glass shattered out of the front passenger side door.  There were footprints in the dew across the yard between Mr. Harris's residence and next door.  Items missing were 1 black NC Star tactical Molle bag valued at $50.  1 Glock 42 .380 pistol worth $503.00, 1- 1TB HP external hard drive valued at $200 and 1 pair of Oakley half jack black sunglasses at $150.00. 2 USB thumb drives $50.  There were other items that belonged to Rutherford County but were assigned to Mr. Harris.  UHF receiver worth $500, VHF receiver worth $1800 and a Garmin Rhino GPS valued at $600.  Upon further investigation it was found that Mr. Harris' neighbor Brandon Harrub had a 2001 Chevy Silverado that was also broken into but nothing was to be missing.  Other neighbors on Old Prospect Road had reported that their dogs and other dogs in the neighborhood starting barking wildly around midnight which is when the theft was believed to have happened.  Any information on this theft.  Please call the Cannon County Sheriff's Department at 563-4322.

It's Time For Scarecrows On The Square Again

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Scarecrows around the County Square means it's fall season and time for Halloween.  The annual contest was started around two years ago with prize money for the top scarecrow.  Scarecrows must be family oriented, no taller than 6 ft. The scarecrows will be hung up on the lamp posts around the square.  No part of the exhibit can sit on the ground.  Scarecrows will be taken down November 3rd and you can pick up your scarecrow by November 7th.  Entry fee is $5.00.  Please bring your scarecrow to the County Executive's Office at the Courthouse no later than Thursday.  Contact the County Executives Office at 615-563-2320 for more information

County Fund Balance Is Dangerously Low

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Members of the Cannon County Budget Committee and the County Executive have been warning the public and the County Commissioners for the past three years of the dangers of allowing the County General Fund Balance to be spent down.  At a informative meeting last Thursday, the matter was brought up again in a meeting between members of the Budget Committee, County Commissioners, County Executive Mike Gannon and Cannon County CTAS official Ben Rogers.  Budget Committee Member Todd Hollandsworth stated that he told everyone that this was going to happen years ago.  Some of the County Commission would say at the time when the issue was brought up in various meetings that the Commission did not want to keep a fund balance.  Some even stated that they don't want to be bankers for the county and that they wanted a minimum fund.  Budget Committee member Dr. Bill Jennings was also aware of the dangers however the other Budget Committee member present Jim Bush claimed he was not made aware of the deficiency.  County Executive Mike Gannon once again explained the potential trouble.  This fiscal year's budget has been balanced and approved by the state but Gannon stated that the fund balance is too low.  The fund balance is used to operate County Government for the first three or four months of the new fiscal year as there is not enough revenue coming in.  The County gets a majority of revenue from property taxes, so until the property taxes come in they can use the fund balance to keep services going and pay County Employees.  Gannon stated that the previous commission decided a few years ago to start spending down the fund balance.  The balance has gotten so low that the County has to do revenue anticipation notices.  Counties normally borrow from the fund balance but the money must be put back in the fund balance by June 30th of the current fiscal year.  Gannon said that the fund balance is so low this year, they have borrowed all they can borrow at this point.  Hollandsworth added that the county does not have a spending problem but a revenue problem and that is a problem that there is not an answer to at this point.  Department heads have been told not to make any purchases without consulting with the County Executive's office.

105 Defendants Scheduled To Appear In General Sessions Court Tuesday

Monday, 29 September 2014

Those that are involved with the court process tomorrow in Cannon County General Sessions court tomorrow better be prepared to bring a lunch as General Sessions Court will have it's longest docket of the year.  105 defendants are scheduled to appear and answer to 279 various charges.  A majority of the docket as usual will be taken up with violation of probation charges.  One Cannon County defendant has over 40 charges to answer to including a slew of probation violation charges.  Judge Susan Melton is set to preside starting at 9:00 in the morning

Cannon/Warren Beef Tour To Lynchburg In October

Monday, 29 September 2014

Be a part of the upcoming beef “Day Tour” schedule for stops in Lynchburg and Fayetteville on October 17th. Along with “slop” feedlots, we plan to stop by Ogle Farms with lunch at Marvin’s restaurant in Fayetteville. Heath and I have vans lined up for transportation, so the only expense will be meals and snacks. The agent in Moore County, Larry Moorehead will give us a guided tour of Lynchburg along with stops throughout the day. We plan to return to Woodbury no later than 6 P.M..If you would like to attend the upcoming beef day tour, please contact the Cannon County Extension office at 563-2554


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