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Flag Display Around Veterans Monument At Courthouse

Sunday, 28 May 2017

 The Scouts from Troop 1180 in Woodbury, Tennessee, (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Cub Scouts) Thursday evening have placed 144 American Flags around the Veterans Monument in front of the Cannon County Courthouse, to celebrate Memorial Day.  The flags will remain on display until Monday evening.   Everyone in the listening area are invited to come view this display.  Troop 1180 is under the leadership of Josh and DD Rinehart,The Hilton Stone American Legion Post 279, is the Sponsoring Organization for Troop 1180. 

Memorial Day Weekend Unofficial Start To Boating Season

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Memorial Day holiday weekend is regarded as the unofficial start to the summer boating season and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wants to emphasize the use of life jackets while boating in a safe and responsible manner.
Annually, the Memorial Day weekend is one of the year’s busiest boating weekends. Last year, there were not any boating-related fatalities over the holiday weekend for the second consecutive year. There were six reported accidents, four of which resulted in injuries.
Along with the use of life jackets, TWRA wants to stress the responsible use of alcohol while boating. It is important to consider the effects of drinking and driving whether on water or land. In a boat on the water, the effects of alcohol increase because of external stressors such as engine vibration, wave motion and glare from the sun.  Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in Tennessee.
Across the state over the 2016 Memorial Day weekend, TWRA Boating and Law Enforcement officers issued 447 citations and 410 warnings. Among the citations, 21 boating under the influence (BUI) arrests were made. Officers inspected 9,065 boats during the weekend.
For many residents, the Memorial Day weekend will be the first time to have the boat on the water this year. TWRA officials say taking a few minutes to check some of the boat components may be the key to having a nice, safe outing. Performing a simple maintenance check before getting on the water may prevent problems. Check hoses to make sure they are in good shape. Make sure the lights work and carry extra fuses and bulbs.
In addition, TWRA urges all boaters to remember the basics:
*have a wearable life jacket for every person onboard
*if your boat is 16 feet or longer, there must be a Type IV throwable device onboard
*have onboard a fire extinguisher if you have enclosed fuel compartments or cabins
*anyone under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket at all times while the boat is underway – drifting is considered underway
any boat operator born after January 1, 1989 must have onboard the TWRA-issued wallet Boating Safety Education Certificate
*keep alcohol to a minimum–choose a designated boat operator
*make sure there is a current boat registration

Boat Operation Basics:
*keep a proper lookout at all times
*maintain a safe speed
*cut the engine while boarding from the water or entering the water from the boat
*be aware of the carbon monoxide hazards that exist and keep fresh air flowing
*”no wake” means idle speed
*take a boating safety course – log onto www.tnwildlife.org for information.

Inside Cannon Schools

Sunday, 28 May 2017

May 15-June 15—Open enrollment paperwork may be filed.  Office hours are posted on CCBOE door.
May 29—Cannon Co. Board of Education offices will be closed for Memorial Day
May 30— 9:00 a.m. Bids due to CCBOE on drainage ditch at Woodland School
                  6:30 p.m.  Recessed School Board meeting
June 1—Open bus bids at 10:00 a.m. at the CCBOE
June 6—Board meeting workshop, 6:30 p.m., at the CCBOE
June 8—School Board meeting, 6:30 p.m. at WGS Cafeteria

Woodland Announces Honor Roll

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Woodland Honors Students – Fourth Nine Weeks
Mrs. Angela Cossey and the faculty and staff of Woodland Elementary School are proud to present the Honors Students list for the fourth nine weeks of the 2016-2017 school year:
Perfect Attendance: Ethan Sissom, Sidney Pope
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Blake Duncan, Jarren Hackney, Nate Jakes, Hannah Kreitzman, Ethan Sissom, Khaliyah Stanback, Kyla Austin, Analyn Brown, Cullen Bryson, Hayden Gilley, Rilley Mayo, Matthew Mooneyham, Sidney Pope, Ryan Sanders, Korbin Smith
First Grade
Perfect Attendance: Joshua Powell, Kale Sellars, Tucker Witty
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Carly Alexander, Ethan Campbell, Braylon Chockley, Macie Foster, Aubrey Laxton, Vanessa Lopez, Bella Mason, Joshua Powell, Kale Sellars, Ryder Vance, Tucker Witty, Peyton Davenport, Zoey Ferrell, Samuel Krietzman, Emily Mooneyham, Niome Muse, Braydon Scott
Second Grade
Perfect Attendance: Madelyn Morales, Katelyn Smith, Makenzie Huff, James McGee, Ryan Zuppa
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Izabella Allmon, Sara Austin, Krystopher Carter, Mackenzie Craig, Weston Lovett, Madelyn Morales, Emily Parker, Aubrey Phillips, Talmon Scott, Conner Smith, Katelynn Smith, Alex Williamson, Chloe Adcock, Waylon Crawford, Amber Heisey, Dustin Layne, James McGee, Hannah Pitts, Baylee Sissom, Ryan Zuppa
Third Grade
Principal’s List: Haylee Foulk, Kyle Judkins, Kyleigh Lowery, Jessica McCombs, Allie Melton, Brooklyn Parker, Mylee Schwartz, Ashton Witty, Jaysie Hackney, Lukas Phillips, Ava Roberts, Adlen Sissom, Holly Robinson, Landon Smith
Honor Roll: Kiana Henley, Carson Powell, Layla Barrett, Kylie Bogle, Jordan Beaty, Luis Gonzales, Aiden Smith, Makenna Luttrell
Merit List: Mathew Austin, Kendra Murphy, Shay Prater, Andrew Stratton, Jordan Beaty, Harley Sissom, Brett Smithson, Taylor Strawser, Brooklyn Bowman, Addison Reed, Braylynn Taylor
Perfect Attendance: Jag Gamberella, Kendra Murphy, Gage Thorpe, Layla Barrett, Jordyn Beaty, Luis Gonzalez, Braylynn Taylor
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Kiana Henley, Jessica McCombs, Allie Melton, Kendra Murphy, Mylee Schwartz, Ashton Witty, Kylie Bogle, Jaysie Hackney, Ava Roberts, Adlen Sissom, Layla Barrett, Jordyn Beaty, Aiden Smith, Brett Smithson, Luis Gonzalez, Harley Sissom, Taylor Strawser, Carson Henderson, Yoselin Pulido, Lukas Phillips, Brooklyn Bowman, Makenna Luttrell, Marshall Miller, Cayden Onate, Holly Robinson, Landon Smith, Brayden Smithson, Jaylynn Taylor, Gene Thorpe
Fourth Grade
Principal’s List: Thomas McGee, Abbigail Davis, Katie Beth Fann, Jacob Smith, Ben Kauffman
Merit List: Haley Hutson, Madi Leath, Rose Sowards, Brennon Parker, Lili Pope, Rose Sowards, Cadence Witty, Madison Foster, Foster Kemp, Lakelyn Kilpatrick, Joey Puffenbarger, Kylea Sullivan, Kathryn Trail
Perfect Attendance: Kylea Sullivan, Lakelyn Kilpatrick, Kaylie HIll
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Jesse Campbell, Abbigail Davis, Ethan England, J.C. Frye, Haley Hutson, Kattie Lack, Madi Leath, Thomas McGee, Connor Williamson, Cadence Witty, Rose Sowards, Abbi Morrison, Julia Warren, Lia Bedwell, Garrett Crawford, Katie Beth Fann, Kaylie Hill, Lakelyn Kilpatrick, Mason Lowe, Landyn Murphy, Joey Puffenbarger, Brinley Simmons, Jacob Smith, Kassandra Smyth, Kylea Sullivan, Georgia Wells, Izabell Young
Fifth Grade
Principal’s List: Jenna Bush, Mattea Ciramella, Zowee Dillard, Emily Lopez, Ashlan Reed, Jacob Robinson, Reese Vance
Merit List: A. J. Armstrong, Austin Bush, Tucker Horsley, Cassidy McTaggart, Kaia Robinson, George Seybold, Destiny Hiles
Perfect Attendance: Autumn Casteel, Destiny Hiles
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: A. J. Armstrong, Jenna Bush, James Clark, Virginia Hernandez, Emily Lopez, Kaia Robinson, George Seybold, Brianna Bowman, Autumn Casteel, Chloe Cobb, Gavin Franklin, Destiny Hiles, Logan Inge, Lola Odom, Ashlan Reed, Jacob Robinson, Waylon Southworth, Reese Vance
Sixth Grade
Principal’s List: Houston Witty, Konnor Lorance, Shelby Duggin, Ethan Powell, Gunter Pitts, Toby Tucker
Honor Roll: Taylor Ross, Tyson Pope, Bryant Robinson, Jonathon Fann
Merit List: Rachel Smartt, Cassie Ramsey, Hannah Bowman, Shaeley Edwards, Rose Davis, D. J. Moore, Brody Morris, Ella Simmons
Perfect Attendance: Shane Clark, Connor Lorance
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Shelby Duggin, Austin Ferrell, Hanna Foster, Hannah Jo Foulk, Konnor Lorance, Tracy Morrison, Cassie Ramsey, Taylor Ross, Rachel Smartt, Junior Strawser, Shaeley Edwards, Jonathon Fann, Jayden McCombs, Brody Morris, Gunter Pitts, Ethan Powell, Bryant Robinson, Connor Rogers, Ella Simmons
Seventh Grade
Principal’s List: Ava Bond, Rebecca Green, Kaylee Armstrong, Jalin Fann, Maleah Sissom, Cassidy Taylor, Natalie Heisey, Nolan Bell, Carter Cawthorn
Honor Roll: Chloe Thomas, Ava Bond, Karen Lopez
Merit List: Parker Cawthorn, Walker Cawthorn, Michaela Sellars, Maci Sellars, Cynthia Davenport, Rebecca Green
Perfect Attendance: Nolan Bell
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Ava Bond, Hailey Bowman, Cynthia Davenport, Karli Davenport, Rebecca Green, Karen Lopez, Yuliana Pulido, Dathan Stanley, Kayelyse Strawser, Dylan Taylor, Kaylee Armstrong, Nolan Bell, Parker Cawthorn, Walker Cawthorn, Carter Cawthorn, Kolby Duke, Jalin Fann, Emma Grace Hughes, Natalie Heisey, Braxton Parker, Maleah Sissom, Cassidy Taylor, Chloe Thomas
Eighth Grade
Principal’s List: Cassie George, Bradi Mason, Shelby Smithson, Madison Arnold, Brady Bryson, Macey Ciramella
Honor Roll: Kaleb Ryan, Heather Wilson
Merit List: Zach Basham, Adam Childs, Brady Davenport, Jack Davis, Dalton Hale, Shelby Reed, Mia Zuppa
Perfect Attendance: Jack Davis, Autumn M. Young
A.R.R.R.O.W. Club: Dalton Hale, Hunter Hutson, Haley McClure, Maleah Millner, Lori Pittard, Mia Zuppa, Brady Bryson, Summer Casteel, Hunter Davis, Eric Estrada, Maria Funes, Wesley George, Alex Horsley, Kaleb Ryan, Heather Wilson, Autumn M. Young

Summer Reading Programs Beginning At Cannon Libraries

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Summer Reading Program sign-ups have begun! Our theme this year is Build a Better World and we have a lot of fun activities and events for everyone to enjoy. You can sign-up at either the Adams and Auburntown Libraries. We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer full of reading!

Notice of 2017 FSA County Committee Election And Local Administrative Area Boundaries

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Donny Green, DeKalb/Cannon County FSA County Executive Director, announces that the nomination period for the 2017 Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Committee Election is underway. The nomination period continues through August 1, 2016.
"I encourage all producers to participate in the county committee election process by nominating candidates by the August 1 deadline," said Green. "We are counting on as much participation as possible, because county committees are an important link between the farm community and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We have seen a trend in recent years of increased nominations of minority, beginning farmers, and women producers and we hope that will continue."
Committees apply their judgment and knowledge to make decisions on county commodity price-support loan eligibility, establishment of allotments and yields, conservation programs, disaster programs, employment and other farm program-related issues. Nationwide, there are more than 7,800 farmers and ranchers serving on FSA county committees. Committees consist of three to five members who are elected by eligible local producers.
To be eligible to serve on an FSA county committee, a person must participate or cooperate in a program administered by FSA, be eligible to vote in a county committee election and reside in the local administrative area in which the person is a candidate.
Nominees must reside in Local Administrative Area (LAA) for which they are seeking to be elected. For the 2017 Election, the DeKalb/Cannon County FSA County Committee Election will conduct elections in LAA-2 (DeKalb County) and LAA-4 (Cannon County). Below is the description of the LAA’s that will be conducting elections this year:  
Local Administrative Area # 2, the portions of DeKalb County described as following:

West of a line where Hwy. 146 crosses the Cannon County line following Hwy. 146 north to Hodges Rd.; thence north to Tabernacle Rd.; following a line from Tabernacle Rd. to Dry Creek Rd.; west of Dry Creek Rd. to Hwy. 70 West; north of Hwy. 70 to Hwy. 96 North (Dale Ridge Rd.); west of Hwy. 96 North to Hwy. 141 (Wolf Creek Rd.);West of Hwy. 141 to Center Hill Dam; thence following the Caney Fork River north/northwest to the Smith County line; thence south of the Smith County line; thence east of the Wilson County line to the Cannon County line; northwest of the Cannon County line back to the intersection of Hwy. 146 and the DeKalb/Cannon County line.
Local Administrative Area # 4, the portions of Cannon County described as following:
That portion of Cannon County that lies east of Highway 53 (a state highway that runs south from the DeKalb County line and north from the Coffee County Line).
Individuals may nominate themselves, or others, as a candidate. In addition, eligible candidates can be nominated by community-based and other organizations in the county where the election is being held before the close of the nomination period, especially groups representing socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers.  Nominations and elections are open to all eligible candidates and voters without regard to race, color, religion, nation origin, age, sex, marital status or disability.  The nomination form (FSA-669A) is available at USDA Service Centers and online at: http://www.fsa.usda.gov/elections
Ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters in LAA’s # 2 and # 4 on November 6, 2017. Completed ballots must be returned, either in person or postmarked, no later December 4, 2017. For more information about FSA county committees, visit the DeKalb/Cannon County USDA Service Center or call 615-597-8225, extension 2.


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