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Cannon County Industrial Development Board Releases Annual Report To Public

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dear Citizens,
Many of you may not know, but the Cannon County Industrial Development Board (IDB) was reorganized in June of 2012.  This being the first anniversary of the new board we thought it a good time to offer an operations report to the taxpayers of our community.
The IDB is a committee of citizens who have volunteered to serve in the function of attracting businesses into Cannon County for the purpose of providing additional employment opportunities and also increasing the tax base for our county. The committee searches for businesses that have a proven track record of success and are looking for a location to grow or relocate their business. We do not consider the IDB as an incubator for “start-up” businesses because by definition start-ups are financially risky. We are however, willing to assist in the marketing of privately owned developable commercial / industrial land.
The efforts of the IDB over the last twelve months have been expended to accomplish firm control over our properties. In one case we sold a building and adjacent land that will provide expansion space for an existing Woodbury employer and will result in additional employment opportunities for job seekers. In another case we sold a parcel of land that was unusable as a building site. Those sales place both properties back on to the tax rolls generating ongoing tax income for the county. We are also diligently working toward placing all building renters into lease contracts as we are obligated to closely guard the public money invested in buildings and properties managed by IDB so we can get the best bang for the taxpayer’s dollar.
The IDB financial condition has been stabilized allowing us the freedom to invest our energies almost totally to recruiting new employers into Cannon County.
How can you help?  Keep an eye out and an ear to the ground for any business, regardless of size, that may be planning expansion or relocation. Let us know that information and we will follow up with an appropriate contact. Come join us at a meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Cannon County Courthouse.  The IDB committee consists of seven members, but every citizen of Cannon County is an important part of the effort to increase employment opportunities and to increase the tax base.  Please feel free to call us anytime at 615-563-2222.
The IDB members are: Randall Reid, Burton Mason, Dean More, Corey Davenport, Mindy Gunter, David Vance and Neal Appelbaum.

Important Note Concerning Immunizations

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDOH) requires certain immunizations for students entering pre-k, kindergarten, and 7th grades.  According to Tennessee State Law (TCA 49-6-5001), no child shall be permitted to attend any public school, kindergarten, or pre-k until proof of immunization is given to the admissions officer of the school. In the past, Cannon County Schools have allowed a grace period for submission of this documentation. However, beginning with the 2013-14 school year, parents of pre-k, k, and 7th grade students must submit an Official Certificate of Immunization on, or prior to, school enrollment. Pre-k, K, and 7th grade students without proper immunization documentation will not be allowed to attend Cannon County Schools until the Official Certificate of Immunization is submitted. Medical, religious or homeless exemptions may apply in some cases.
For more information, contact Connie Foster, Director of Coordinated School Health at 615-563-5752 x 245 or connie.foster@ccstn.net

Woodbury Lions Club To Host Blood Drive Thursday

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The American Red Cross issued an emergency request for platelet and blood donors of all blood types to roll up a sleeve and give because many fewer donations than expected were received in June and the first week of July.
“We are counting on generous volunteer blood and platelet donors to step up and give now,” said Tim Ryerson, CEO for the American Red Cross Tennessee Valley Blood Services Region. “Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. Each day donations come up short, less blood is available for these patients in need.”
Nationwide, donations through the Red Cross were down approximately 10 percent in June, resulting in about 50,000 fewer donations than expected. The shortfall is similar to what the Red Cross experienced in June 2012.
June can be among the most challenging months of the year for blood and platelet donations as regular donors delay giving while they adjust to summer schedules. High school and college blood drives account for as much as 20 percent of Red Cross donations during the school year. Donations from those who usually give at these drives drop by more than 80 percent when school is out for the summer.  In addition, a mid-week Independence Day holiday reduced the number of blood drives scheduled in early July. Many sponsors, especially businesses, were unable to host drives because employees took extended vacations.
The Red Cross urgently needs donations to ensure an adequate blood supply is available for patients all summer long.  Each day, the Tennessee Valley Blood Services Region needs approximately 600 donors to step forward and give blood. Eligible donors with types O negative, B negative and A negative blood are especially encouraged to give. Type O negative is the universal blood type and can be transfused to anyone who needs blood. Types A negative and B negative can be transfused to Rh positive or negative patients.
There is also an urgent need for platelet donations. Platelets – a key clotting component of blood often needed by cancer patients - must be transfused within five days of donation, so it’s important to have a steady supply of platelets on hand.
The Woodbury Lions Club will be hosting a American Red Cross Blood Drive, this Thursday from noon till 6 at the Woodbury Lions Club building on Lehman Street

Stratton Bone Agricultural Center Officially Dedicated This Past Saturday

Sunday, 14 July 2013

County Executive Mike Gannon, Representative Stratton Bone and Woodbury Mayor Harold Patrick

The Stratton Bone Agricultural Center was officially dedicated during a ceremony held at the building on the campus of the Cannon County High School.  Former Representative Stratton Bone was instrumental in getting the center built securing grants from the Tennessee Department Of Agriculture's Enhancement Program. Present at the dedication ceremony were Barbara Parker, Cannon County Director of Schools, Woodbury Mayor Harold Patrick, Cannon County Executive Mike Gannon, Former Representative Stratton Bone, and Representative Mark Pody who all spoke on the history of the Center and the money it took to build the facility   The Center will give the youth, as well as area agricultural groups a place to hold meetings, educational seminars as well as youth livestock shows and events.

Public Hearing Will Be Set On Road Matter

Sunday, 14 July 2013

With the announcement that the Cannon County Budget Committee does not have a budget recommendation ready, the monthly meeting of the Cannon County Commissioners turned toward voting on some decisions that have been tabled recently.  9 Cannon County commissioners were present at the meeting Saturday at the Cannon County Courthouse.  The commissioners gave the approval of the private act for Cannon County on the Hotel Motel tax.  Voting against the approval was Russell Reed.  After a small discussion about the flood plain the approval was given for the Farmer's Market to start putting up their building at the Cannon County Arts Center.  Voting against the matter was commissioner Russell Reed and Jim Bush.  The Commissioners approved the recommendation of Burton Mason for the open position of the Industrial Board of Cannon County.  Mason will replace board member Doug Bodary who recently resigned from the board after he moved his residence from Cannon to Rutherford County.  Budget Chairman and Commissioner Mark Barker gave a brief report on the status of the Budget recommendation for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  Mr. Barker stated they should have a recommendation in place by the August meeting as the Budget committee will be meeting again in two weeks to make a decision.  The Commissioners voted to approve Mike Pemberton Trucking to be the company to haul off the Cannon County trash from the convenience center.  Pemberton was under contract with Mike Gannon the County Executive but it was found out that the proper procedure should have been approved by the full Commission since there was no Solid Waste Board in effect.  This is according to an opinion by County Attorney Mike Corley.  With the commission wanting to make the contract a legal contract all commissioners voted to approve the contract that Pemberton trucking was operating under.
Representative Mark Pody was present at the meeting and answered questions concerning the future of the 4 lane highway the state is currently building from McMinnville.  The project will not be built in or around Cannon County until TDOT knows which way the County wants it to turn out.  That issue will come down to the thoughts of the Cannon County Commission.  It will also be a matter that the Cannon County Planning Commission will be studying and giving their opinion on.  Commissioner Kevin George mentioned that there should be a public hearing to let the residents of Cannon County affected by the road air their opinions.  The rest of the commission agreed and there will be a public hearing set in the near future.

Parker Receives 1 No Vote On Contract Extension Issue

Friday, 12 July 2013

Even though Cannon County Director of Schools Barbara Parker recently was announced the 2013 Upper Cumberland Director of Schools, there was one school board member that announced that he would not vote for an extension of her contract for her to serve another year in the Cannon County School System.  The motion was made and seconded to give Ms. Parker a year's extension of her current contract during Thursday night's monthly meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education.  Board member Nathan Sanders made the motion, Chairman Randy Gannon Seconded the motion.  The motion passed with a 3 to 1 vote as Roy Parker voted yes.  Board Member Chris Blackburn recused himself of the vote stating that he wanted more answers to questions based on the evaluation questions.  Blackburn stated that he did not have lot of time in which to ask the questions that he had.  School Board Member Bruce Daniel voted not to give the extension saying that he had talked to Ms. Parker and based on the discussions he was not going to give a yes vote.  The motion still passed and Ms. Parker was able to get the extension from the rest of the school board.  In other actions of the board.  The board approved the budgets and the bread bids of the Food Service for the 2013-2014 school year.  The Board approved Donaldson Roofing Company for the Auburn School roofing project.  The costs will be $87,200.00.  The board also approved Woodbury Grammar School's applying for the Community Foundation Grant in the amount of $10,000.00
If awarded, the money will be used for the Woodbury Grammar School's afterschool program
The next meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education will be Thursday August 8th


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