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National To Local Choices Face Voters Today

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Nationally today we decide the nation’s top office today. Congressional decisions will include one senate seat and our local representative in the house. Locally we select members on the board of alderman in Woodbury and Auburntown.

Early voting ended last week and Cannon County followed the state and the nation in setting record numbers. A third of the county’s 7,945 active registered voters, 2,609 voted early. In the town of Woodbury, 551 persons have voted out of 1,378.

Polls will be open in Cannon County from 7:00am until 7:00pm.

Cannon County Voting Locations are:

Precinct District Location Address

11 1 West Side School 3714 Murfreesboro Road
21 2 Auburntown Community Ctr 192 East Main Street
22 2 Gassaway Fire Hall 245 Gassaway Main Street
23 2 Woodbury Grammar School 530 West Adams Street
24 2 Short Mountain School 5988 Short Mountain Road
32 3 Woodland School 8383 Jim Cummings Highway
41 4 East Side School 5658 McMinnville Highway
42 4 Short Mountain School 5988 Short Mountain Road
51 5 Woodbury Grammar 530 West Adams Street

Vote today and hear your vote count tonight with election coverage on WBRY. Cannon County Commissioner Nathan Nichols and Doug Combs will have the results live from the Election Commission office on AM 1540 and FM 95.1.

City of Auburntown Voting Results

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

City of Auburntown Voting

Total Votes Cast: 292 (77.28%)

President of the United States:

Barack Obama (D) 150
John McCain (R) 284
Chuck Baldwin (I) 3
Bob Barr (I) 2
Charles Jay (I) 0
Cynthia McKinney (I) 0
Brian Moore (I) 0
Ralph Nader (I) 3
Write-In 2

United States Senate:

Robert D. Tuke (D) 95
Lamar Alexander (R) 270
Edward L. Buck (I) 18
Christopher Fenner (I) 0
David Gatchell (I) 3
Ed Lawhorn (I) 4
Daniel Towers Lewis (I) 2
Chris Lugo (I) 0
Write-In 2

U.S. House, 6th District:

Bart Gordon (D) 296
Chris Baker (I) 85
Write-In 2

Tennessee House, 46th District:

Stratton Bone (D) 209
Albert McCall (R) 186
Write-In 2

Mayor of Auburntown:

Roger Turney 77
Write-In 1

Alderman, City of Auburntown

Ruby J. Davenport 77
Rita Tate Davis 79
Beth Hancock 77

Pleasant Ridge Voting Results

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Pleasant Ridge Voting Results

Total Votes Cast: 287 (73.97%)

President of the United States:

Barack Obama (D) 91
John McCain (R) 181
Chuck Baldwin (I) 5
Bob Barr (I) 1
Charles Jay (I) 0
Cynthia McKinney (I) 0
Brian Moore (I) 0
Ralph Nader (I) 2
Write-In 0

United States Senate:

Robert D. Tuke (D) 80
Lamar Alexander (R) 158
Edward L. Buck (I) 10
Christopher Fenner (I) 0
David Gatchell (I) 1
Ed Lawhorn (I) 2
Daniel Towers Lewis (I) 1
Chris Lugo (I) 1
Write-In 0

U.S. House, 6th District:

Bart Gordon (D) 182
Chris Baker (I) 65
Write-In 0

Tennessee House, 46th District:

Stratton Bone (D) 154
Albert McCall (R) 109
Write-In 0

Fulmer To Step Down At Tennessee

Monday, 3 November 2008

The Phillip Fulmer era is reportedly coming to an end at Tennessee.

ESPN.com says Fulmer will not return as the school's head football coach next season. The website says an announcement is being planned for later today. Fulmer was a player and assistant at his alma mater before becoming the head coach in 1993. He has 150 wins as coach of the Volunteers. In 1998, he led Tennessee to its first national championship in 47 years.

This season, the Vols are 3-and-6 overall and 1-and-5 in the SEC.

Cannon County High School Conducts Mock Election

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Cannon County High School conducted a Student Mock Election on October 27th thru October 29th, 2008. U.S. Government students in William F. Curtis’s three classes conducted the election during students’ lunch times. The results of the mock election were uploaded to the National Student/Parent Mock Election (NSPME).

“In the classrooms of today are our future Presidents, members of Congress, governors and judges – but most importantly, these young people are the voters of tomorrow,” said NSPME President Gloria Kirshner. “Whether we are sending these children to the White House or to the polls, we hope to give them a deep understanding of ‘government of the people, by the people, and for the people.’ ”

Kirshner said that with support from the 2008 campaign partners and collaborators – Google, the National Association of Broadcasters’ Education Foundation, the educational publisher Pearson, USA TODAY, Declare Yourself, Strong American Schools, and School Perceptions – this year’s Mock Election campaign is significantly expanding its offerings of educational materials for America’s classrooms.

243 Total Students voted in the Mock Election and their results are as follows:

President of the United States:

Barack Obama - 117
John McCain - 93
Chuck Baldwin - 3
Bob Barr - 3
Cynthia McKinney - 1
Ralph Nader - 10
Write-in - 23

U. S. Senator:

Bob Tuke - 36
Lamar Alexander - 103
Edward Buck - 20
Christopher Finner - 15
David Gatchell - 5
Ed Lawhorn - 3
Daniel Lewis - 8
Chris Logo - 9

U. S. House of Representatives:

Bart Gordon - 147
Chris Baker - 50

Tennessee House of Representatives:

Stratton Bone - 117
A. J. McCall - 50

30 – 9th Graders; 29 – 10th Graders;
70 – 11th Graders; 35 – 12th Graders participated in this mock election.

There was also on the ballot a questionnaire with items regarding current issues with students voting for the most absolute critical issue being the economy.

U.S. Government students at CCHS encourage all Cannon County citizens to please exercise the right to vote in this very important election.

Bredesen Announces Used Oil Collection Grant For Cannon County

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Governor Phil Bredesen and Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner Jim Fyke has announced that 27 used oil collection grants totaling $399,850 have been awarded to establish, upgrade and expand used oil collection centers in communities across Tennessee.

“This straightforward approach to dealing with a potential cause of pollution has a direct positive impact on the water quality of our lakes, streams and groundwater in Tennessee,” Bredesen said. “I’m pleased we can provide these grants to encourage community collection centers where ‘do-it-yourselfers’ can conveniently recycle their used motor oil.”

Cannon County will receive $4,000 to purchase a canopy, tank and oil pump as part of its overall used oil collection efforts.

Tennesseans who change their own motor oil generate more than one million gallons of used oil each year, which can pollute soil and water and interfere with the operation of sewer systems when not properly disposed. The General Assembly authorized the Used Oil Collection Act of 1993 to assist local communities in collecting used oil and reducing its negative effects on the environment. Tennessee’s Solid Waste Management Act requires counties to have at least one place in the county where used oil can be properly disposed. Used oil collection grants are funded by a two cent deposit on every quart of oil purchased in the state

“The Tennessee General Assembly helped establish this program as a way to increase the number of public collection facilities for used oil,” said Representative Stratton Bone. “This grant is outstanding news for the community, and we are very proud that Cannon County will benefit from such an important program.”

Senator Mae Beavers also represents Cannon County in the General Assembly.

The first priority for grant funding is to establish collection sites in underserved areas. Other grants will fund improvement or replacement of equipment in existing public and private facilities. Equipment purchased through oil collection grants can include containers, used oil burners, containment structures, shelter covers and other items.

The Used Oil Collection Act makes it unlawful for any person to discharge used oil where it may harm the environment. The state provides a toll-free telephone number as a resource to disseminate information concerning used oil collection centers at 1-800-287-9013. The hotline provides the locations and operating hours of collection centers, requirements for collection locations that accept commercial used oil and other information regarding used oil.

“Education is a big part of our effort in regard to the used oil program and overall efforts to prevent water pollution,” added Fyke. “Used oil is a valuable resource, but only when properly collected and recycled. We encourage all Tennesseans to recycle their used oil to help us conserve precious natural resources and better protect our state’s waters.”

Here are a few simple tips for properly disposing of used oil:
1. Put used oil in a clean plastic container with a tight lid.
2. Don’t mix used oil with anything else. Mixing it with other substances, such as paint, gasoline, solvents or antifreeze, will make the oil unsuitable for recycling.
3. Take used oil to a service station or used oil collection center. Used oil collection centers will collect up to five gallons a day from do-it-yourselfers.
4. After depositing used oil, take the reusable container home to use again.


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