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More Arrests For Harassment Of The Durham Family

Monday, 24 November 2008

Cannon County Law Enforcement is sending a strong message to persons wishing to harass the family of accused murderer Randy Durham, you will be arrested. Two more Cannon County residents have been charged following altercations with the Durham family at their pizza shop on the square. Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Charlie Wilder arrested and charged Josh Woodrow with civil rights intimidation after he allegedly drove in front the Durham’s business with the words “Durham equals Coward” painted on his vehicle. Deputies were called and took Woodrow into custody without incident. Authorities have also charged a juvenile for similar conduct last week.

These are just two of the most recent incidents of harassment directed toward the Durham family. Last week, a man was arrested for criminal trespass and assault after going to the Durham’s business and shouting obscenities at family members and making threatening gestures toward them. Durham was arrested and charged with second degree murder following the shooting death of Ronnie Baxter last Friday. The two allegedly got into an altercation at a home on Hollow Springs Road which resulted in Durham firing on Baxter multiple times. Since the incident, the Durham and members of his family been the targeted for harassment. Additionally, last Saturday, someone busted the Durham’s business window out with a rock.

Woodrow is currently free on $5,000.00 bond and will appear before General Sessions Judge Susan Melton next month. Civil rights intimidation is a felony.

Child Advocacy Center Announces Christmas Tree Ornament Contest Winners

Monday, 24 November 2008

For a better look at the tree please "click" on the picture.

This holiday season the Child Advocacy Center Christmas Tree is decorated with award winning ornaments from students at Eastside Elementary, Westside Elementary, Auburntown Elementary, Short Mountain, and Woodbury Grammar.

There are also blue ribbons hung from the Child Advocacy Center Christmas tree. The ribbons are in honor of the children who will be victims of child abuse today. In the United States, before this day is over, 3 children will die as a result of child abuse. At least one of them will be a baby that is less than a year old. The other two will not have celebrated their 5th birthdays. Today, more than 510 other children will be physically abused. Another 270 children will be sexually abused. In total, over 2,700 children will be abused today in America.

This day is no different than any other day. Child abuse is an American epidemic. Children die every day. Children are injured every day.

A blue ribbon is the international symbol for Child Abuse Prevention. The color blue has been chosen to represent the bruised and battered bodies of the thousands of children that are abused every day. It serves as a constant reminder that all of us have a responsibility to help keep children safe.
The Child Advocacy Center is pleased to announce that the following students were winners in the Christmas Tree Ornament Contest:

Short Mountain:

Robyn Arbaugh, Austin Bogle, Rave Cagle, Andrew Ellis, Brooklyn Gunter, Kayla Hale, Evan Kellerman, Ana Lawson, Jesse Self, Lauren Simmons, Lela Taylor, Tori Tate, Johnna Summers, Erika Taylor, Makayla Underhill, Ray Waycaster, Chris Young

East Side:

Caleb Bryan, Trent Bynum, Kelby Cantrell, Christian Davis, Caren Fox, Courtney Jackson, Shelley Nicholson, Erin Scott, Leeann Scott, Tamra Seiber, Weston Slatton, Emily Taylor, Rachel Thilhawer, Kelsey Wilson, Tryleigh York, Jasmine Young,


Catie Adams, Haley Armstrong, Carly Brown, Chloe Fann, Kirsten Garrison, Rachel Hale, B.J. Helton, Luke Jakes, Zoey Layhew, Kelsey Logan, Shellby Parker, Holly Prater, Austin Cole Ramsey, Maleah Scott, Shelby Seamans, Alyeah Sisco

West Side:

Brody Adams, Reston Campbell, Hunter Cook, Dillon Corley, Drew Corley, Gia DeYoung, Karina Fann, Michelle Gomez, Sloane Gragg, Turner Gragg, Katie Hickman, Sarah Hickman, Brittany McCoy, Brandon Miles, Jonathan Mitchell, Mary Neall, Lindsey Ozlanski, Nathan Poteete, Julianna Shau, Sam Schau, Daisy Taylor, Marion Wallace, Kelsie Willis, Lane Willis,

Woodbury Grammar:

Jessie Arnold, Hannah Farnsworth, Hannah Freewall, Elizabeth House, Mabelle Jones, Johnathan Harold Melton, Jr., Justin Prater, Meghan Wilmouth,

The Child Advocacy Center is a non profit agency that serves child abuse, child sexual abuse and drug endangered children. For additional information, please contact Amanda Burks at the Cannon County Child Advocacy Center at 563-9915.

State Fire Marshal Asks Residents to Prepare Home for Cold Weather

Monday, 24 November 2008

Tennessee Fire Marshal Leslie A. Newman wants to remind Tennesseans to keep safe and warm as winter sets in across the state. But she urges residents to be cautious in the use of alternative heat sources.

"The winter weather means many people will begin to heat their homes with fireplaces, woodstoves and space heaters," said Newman. "Cold weather months typically have a higher number of accidental fire injuries and deaths due to the use of these alternative heat sources.”

Following a few safety tips can greatly reduce the risk of fires:

• Make it a "house rule" to test your home’s smoke alarms before using a space heater or fireplace. All smoke alarms should additionally be tested once a month. Doing so could save your life.
• Space heaters need space. Never put a space heater within three feet of anything combustible, including furniture, bedding or aerosol cans. Make sure your space heater bears the mark of an independent testing lab such as UL or FM. Look for models with automatic shutoff features, when purchasing space heaters. Never use extension cords with space heaters.
• Before you use your fireplace, make sure the chimney has been professionally cleaned to remove the buildup of combustible materials that accumulate inside the flue.
• Be sure any kerosene-fueled heating device is installed with proper ventilation. A portable kerosene heater must be filled only in a well-ventilated area, free of flame and other heat sources, and only when the device has cooled completely. Use only the type of kerosene specified by the manufacturer, and never use gasoline in place of kerosene.
• Never leave a fire, space heater or flame unattended.

Additionally, make sure furniture, clothing and other combustible materials are not placed in front of permanently mounted heaters like those in walls or on baseboards. If they turn on when temperatures go below the thermostat’s set point, there will be no worry of the items catching fire.

The Department of Commerce and Insurance works to protect consumers while ensuring fair competition for industries and professionals who do business in Tennessee.

Cannon County Hosts Warren County For Home Opener

Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Lionettes and Lions put the new court in Robert A. Harris gym to good use Friday night. Cannon County played host to Warren County.

In the girls game, Cannon County won over Warren County, 71 to 48.

In the boys contest, Cannon County won over Warren County 50 to 45.

Hear the replay Saturday morning at 8:00am with Keith Ready on WBRY AM 1540 and FM 96.1.

Next game for Cannon County will be Monday at Page High School.

Tennessee May See 24-Percent Tuition Hike

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Tennessee state higher education leaders are discussing a 24-percent tuition hike in case the state decides to make funding cuts to universities. Tennessee Higher Education Commission members say the potential rate increase is because of the state's economic woes and will be meeting with Governor Phil Bredesen next week to discuss tuition increases. Universities could see tuition rates go up ten-percent with no state funding change or go up 24-percent with a 15-percent cut in state funding. The tuition increases would bring schools level with this year's budget and do not reflect any other cuts made by schools to offset state funding decreases.

Circuit Court Activity This Week In Cannon County

Friday, 21 November 2008

Chancellor Robert E. Corlew, III presided over Cannon County Circuit Court on Friday. Some of the results from the various cases which appeared on the docket included:

Rhonda F. Merced was set for a jury trial on February 12th and 13th.

Jimmy Mullins was set for a jury trial on April 23rd and 24th.

Ronica Arnold's motion to amend her probation conditions was granted. She may now associate with certain convicted felons.

Nohelia Rodriguez was reset for December 12th.

Samuel Moore was set for plea day on December 12th.

James R. Todd was reset for December 12th.

Dolse Murphy's bond was reduced to $50,000.00 following a source hearing. He showed that the bond funds were coming from a lawful source.

Kyra Robinson's suspended sentence was reset for January 23rd.

Beveryly Bond withdrew her suspended sentence application. She was ordered to serve her entire sentence.

Sarah B. Dune withdrew her suspended sentence application. She was ordered to serve her entire sentence.

Nathaniel Wanner was reset for January 9th.

Tiffany Carpenter was reset for December 12th.

Shannon Underwood was granted a furlough. He suspended sentence hearing was reset for January 23rd.


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