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After School Programs Celebrate Lights On""

Thursday 18 October 2007 Across the country today after school programs will celebrate with the National Lights On AfterSchool event. In Cannon County citizens will have the opportunity to do the same at any of our local schools. REACH (Reach Enrichment Afterschool and Community Health) will conduct open house events at all schools in the county. The focus of the day is to call attention to the importance of afterschool programs for Cannon County's children families and communities. In America today 1 in 4 youth 14.3 million children are alone and unsupervised after school. Afterschool programs like REACH keep children safe help working families and inspire learning. The open house events will be at all Cannon County Schools today October 18th from 3:00pm until 6:00pm.

House Approves Vision Care For Kids Act

Thursday 18 October 2007This week the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation to improve vision care for children by helping the neediest children receive eye examinations. “Anyone who has had an eye exam without having vision coverage can tell you about the high cost of exams and glasses ” said U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon a co-sponsor of the legislation. “For many parents the lack of insurance is a roadblock to getting their children proper eye care but it’s also tough for parents who have health insurance if their policy doesn’t cover vision. Unfortunately the kids are the ones who suffer in school from the lack of proper vision care. Being able to see the blackboard is important to keeping up with your schoolwork.” The Vision Care for Kids Act H.R. 507 authorizes a grant program to complement state efforts to provide comprehensive eye exams for children who have been identified as having a potential vision disorder. Under the grant program priority will go to children under the age of nine.

Numerous Topics Fill School Board's Agenda

Thursday 18 October 2007A new program for seniors uniforms for band members and toss out the paper plates a new dishwasher is on the way. Those items and more faced members of the Cannon County School Board at their monthly meeting Thursday night. The board will wait until the November meeting to make a decision regarding a request for lights at the Cannon County softball field. Cannon County is the only county in the district without lights. This limits the time games can be played. Roger Patterson was asked to return to the next meeting with more quotes on lighting the field. The board also moved to wait until the November meeting for a decision on funding of uniforms for the Cannon County High School marching band Music director Steven Porter gave one estimate of $16 236.89 for 50 complete uniforms. The board would like to hear other estimates before making a decision. The board approved a work based learning program at Cannon County High School to begin in January. This program would give seniors the opportunity to leave school during 6th period to work in a field connected with their current studies. In other action the board approved the motion to hire a teacher’s aide for kindergarten at Woodland. This would be contingent upon enrollment remaining steady. With increased enrollment an additional teacher would need to be hired instead of an aide. The board voted to counter-offer a contractor that had sued the school board over a project from 2004. The issue in question arose during the building of an addition at Woodland School in which according to discussion an architect submitted incorrect drawings which lead to a wall being torn down. At the completion of the project the contractor refused the balance of the project $22 171.33. The contractor filed a suit for $60 000.00. The board still hopes to settle the dispute for the original offer of $22 171.00. A Cannon County Schools pandemic influenza emergency response plan was reviewed and approved. Mrs. Willene Ford was presented a certificate honoring her work with the system. She has served at East Side as a cafateria worker for 34 years. The elementary basketball practice schedules and cheerleading practice schedules were approved. The board awarded the pest control bid to McMinnville-Sherrill pest control at a cost of $408.00 month. The fire extinguisher bid awarded to McMinnville Fire Extinguisher and to Tennessee Star Fire Protection for the automatic systems in the kitchen. The board approved the purchase of a new low temperature dish machine for the cafeteria at West Side Elementary the current dishwasher is 30 years old and no longer functions at a standard within state guideline currently the school is using paper products and Styrofoam the new dishwasher will cost $3 148.45.

Utility Bill Hoax Hits Middle Tennessee Counties

Wednesday 17 October 2007A copy of the hoax message is shown. In Rutherford County a flyer was used. It has come to the Department of Human Services attention that a rumor is rapidly spreading throughout Middle Tennessee that the state will pay all citizens electric bills. This is simply not true. This rumor has caused people to flood the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency which serves Cannon County with requests that it pay their utility bill. The Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency in Rutherford County reported similar problems earlier this week. The program offered at these agencies to help extremely poor citizens pay their heating and cooling bills is called the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Recipients must meet low income guidelines to be eligible for the program. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. And in this case it definitely is said Michelle Mowery Johnson spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Human Services which channels the federal LIHEAP funds to local agencies. It is extremely unfortunate that someone would perpetrate such a hoax. Innocent people-those who qualify for LIHEAP and those who do not-have been inconvenienced by this misinformation. DHS has dispatched investigators to the Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agencys headquarters in Wilson County to determine if LIHEAP money has been properly authorized and to see how the agency is responding to those citizens applying for the LIHEAP program. It is the responsibility of the local agencies to determine eligibility and to disperse the LIHEAP funds appropriately said Mowery Johnson. DHS contracts with 19 community agencies across the state to implement LIHEAP in accordance with federal regulations.

Results Of County Government Audit Announced

Wednesday 17 October 2007The State of Tennessee has wrapped up its annual audit of Cannon County’s Government. The Tennessee Department of Revenue conducted the audit throughout most of the summer on the offices of County Executive Circuit Court Clerk Register of Deeds County Court Clerk Clerk & Master Trustee Election Register Sheriff and Board of Education. The audit found no major violations of uniform accounting procedures and found no financial inaccuracies or unaccounted for funds in any of the offices. The Department did find one violation in almost every office; auditors pointed out that duties were not properly segregated in those offices. That means that the same employees writing receipts are also responsible for depositing funds in the bank. Auditors pointed out that it was a uniform violation throughout almost every government office in the State and is not unique to Cannon County. The reason for this is usually a lack of personnel who can only deposit funds and only write receipts. Other miscellaneous violations noted in some of the offices included instances where funds were deposited in the bank more than three days after receipt and obtaining purchase orders after purchases were already made. Lack of staff is also blamed for those violations. The official report will be forwarded to all county commissioners members of the board of education and county officials. The report has been approved by the State Finance Commissioner and is available for review on the Tennessee Department of Revenue’s website.

Gordon's Energy Bill Cleared For House Vote

Tuesday 16 October 2007U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon’s legislation to provide consumers with a more efficient and reliable power supply has been approved by the House Science and Technology Committee. The committee’s approval today October 16th clears the bill for a full vote by the U.S. House of Representatives. “Right now energy is generated to meet the current demand. When temperatures are extreme people use more energy to heat and cool their homes. That puts a strain on our electric delivery system ” said Gordon chairman of the Science and Technology Committee. “If we can store energy at night when demand is low and discharge it for use during peak demand times then we reduce the stress on the electric grid and increase the efficiency and reliability of our electric supply.” Gordon’s bill the Energy Storage Technology Advancement Act authorizes energy storage research programs at the U.S. Department of Energy to improve the operation of the nation’s electricity delivery system and advance energy storage technologies for use in electric drive vehicles.


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