Fire In Downtown Woodbury Returns!

Friday, 21 January 2011

The fire returned shortly before 9am.

Thursday night area fire departments responded to a fire at the Pittman Building on the Tatum side of the Courthouse Square. After several hours the blaze was under control. Members of the Woodbury Fire Department returned in the early morning hours when a flare up occurred.

Shortly after 8:00am this morning, the all clear was given and the last of the crews left the scene. Just before 9:00am the blaze returned. Woodbury was first on the scene and the call was issued for East Side, West Side, Mooretown and Gassaway. Police and Sheriff's Deputies closed Main Street as the vehicles filled Tatum and extending onto Main.

Ladder trucks from Manchester and Walter Hill arrived late Friday morning and assisted. The elevated position of the ladder trucks provided the difference in beating down the blaze.

The fire has moved into the building that formally housed town hall and the police department. At one point this morning, the smoke was so dark that it blocked the sun.

A picture gallery has various views of the fire from Thursday night and Friday morning and is available on this website.

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