Actions At Local Bank Leads To Questions

An investigation is underway and three people have been questioned about actions at a local bank.

Tuesday at approximately 1:15pm, the Woodbury Police Department responded to a possible attempt to rob First Bank. Three suspects were identified and swiftly apprehended by Assistant Chief Darryl Young and Officer Brandon Gullett.

It was discovered that the suspects approached the bank with masks over their faces. The bank employees observed the suspects and acted quickly by locking the door. Once the suspects got to the front door they pulled off their mask and held out change asking that it be exchanged for cash. The employees refused to let them in and they swiftly left. The suspects did not offer to put up any resistance when they were apprehended for questioning by police. The suspects were unarmed and cooperative.

The investigation is ongoing at this time. The Town of Woodbury has on ordinance that prohibits wearing a mask unless you are under the age of 10 years old. Charges are pending.