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WATCH: Alleged bank robber used baby as human shield: Police

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 6:53pm
Authorities are trying to determine the woman's relationship to the infant, who was safely rescued by officers.

Justin Bieber and fiancée Hailey Baldwin want an intimate wedding: report

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 6:44pm
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are taking their time when it comes to wedding planning, a source tells ET.

Trump planning to invite Putin to Washington this fall: White House

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 6:38pm
President Donald Trump has instructed the White House to invite Vladimir Putin to Washington on the heels of his widely criticized Helsinki meeting.

GOP senators force White House to withdraw Trump's pick for ninth circuit

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 6:34pm
President Trump's controversial nominee for the ninth circuit, Ryan Bounds, was withdrawn Thursday over objections by GOP senators led by Tim Scott of SC.

Four men indicted in killing of rapper XXXTentacion

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 6:30pm
A Florida grand jury has indicted four men on first-degree murder and armed robbery charges in the shooting death of emerging rap star XXXTentacion.

Trump demands American pastor's release from Turkey as Congress weighs new sanctions

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 6:09pm
The president has tweeted his detainment is "a total disgrace."

Lawmaker used political donations to buy $15k Celtics tickets, lavish dinners

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 5:54pm
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., used funds from his leadership PAC to purchase steak dinners, limo rides, and NBA tickets, according to FEC filings.

Urgent police manhunt continues after bank shooting of 3 workers

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 5:41pm
Police in Fort Worth, Texas, say they continue to search for at least two suspects involved in an attempted bank robbery that involved three employees being shot.

Georgia waitress takes down man who appears to grope her, epic video shows

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:35pm
Emelia Holden, 21, a server at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Savannah, Ga., was captured on surveillance video taking a man down after he groped her while she was turned away from him.

Andy Dick pleads not guilty to sexual battery: report

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:34pm
Andy Dick pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor sexual battery on Wednesday.

Moms slam Target, Walmart for ‘hooker style’ shorts for tweens

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:31pm
Many moms feel there are not enough clothing options for their tween girls.

Texas IHOP roof collapses from raging fire

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:30pm
Luckily no one was injured.

Trump promotes job training as employers search for workers

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:20pm
Promoting a robust economy, President Donald Trump pressed U.S. companies and trade associations on Thursday to enhance their job training programs as employers search for qualified skilled workers to fill vacancies.

Harvey Weinstein asks court to dismiss Ashley Judd lawsuit, says they had a 'bargain'

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 4:19pm
The disgraced producer said they had 'a bargain' and he helped Judd's career.

Trump appeals court nominee withdraws amid outcry over college writings

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:15pm
A federal prosecutor nominated by President Trump to sit on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was withdrawn from consideration Thursday after Republican senators expressed concerns over his college writings about race, sexual assault and other issues.

Trump's nominee for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau grilled by Democrats

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 4:13pm
Kathy Kraninger was tapped by President Trump to head the agency last month.

Intel chief wishes Trump made a different statement on Russia meddling

ABC News - July 19, 2018 - 4:13pm
“It was important to take that stand on behalf of the intelligence community,” Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

Linda McMahon on Trump's executive order for job training

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:11pm
Linda McMahon, head of the Small Business Administration, discusses Trump's workforce training executive order and comments about the Federal Reserve on 'Your World.'

Texas woman threatens to light bank on fire, uses child as 'human shield' in attempted robbery: police

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 4:04pm
A Texas woman who attempted to rob a bank threatened to light the building on fire and used a child as a “human shield” after authorities arrived, police said.

'Treasure-laden' Russian shipwreck sparks controversy

Fox News - July 19, 2018 - 3:58pm
A recently discovered 113-year-old Russian shipwreck that may contain more than $130 billion in gold bars and coins is sparking controversy.


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