Appeals, Elections and Lighting Fill Planning Commission Meeting

The Town of Woodbury Board Of Zoning Appeals met last night at the City Hall in Woodbury for the first time since December 2008 Items on the agenda included the election of chairman, vice-chairman and secretary was held.

Members voted Jimmy Barrett the chairman, Joe Hawkins the vice chairman and Sue Patrick as secretary.

One item of new business was recognized. There was a variance request regarding the width of the side setbacks in a R-1 zoning district. The request is to allow six inch side setbacks instead of the required fifteen. The request was from Alice Pinkerton which is obtaining a THDA home grant to construct a new home. The property is located at 200 East Water Street. After discussion Board Member Bill Jennings moved to make the motion to approve the request, Joe Hawkins seconded it and the motion carried. The construction will start after the first of the year.

The Woodbury Planning Commission then conducted its regular monthly meeting.

After the approval of the November minutes, Mayor Harold Patrick talked about some updates regarding the city. Mayor Patrick talked about the Scoreboard Restaurant being nearly ready to open. He also talked about the downtown revitalization project which is underway. Plans are for paved streets on Tatum and Cannon and sidewalks to be built along those streets.

Mayor Patrick concluded his report on the updates by informing the rest of the commission that he had an unofficial inquiry for a meat and three resturant.

An Amendment regarding street lights in new subdivisions was drafted and presented at the meeting. The amendment states that the developer shall be responsible to install street lighting in a new subdivision development. Non-decorative street lighting fixture, wattage output and spacing shall be determined by the Town Of Woodbury and the Middle Tennessee Electric Corporation. Lights will be provided at all street intersections and shall be spaced no closer than 200′ apart within the development. Spacing will depend on roadway slopes, location of sidewalks and width of lanes. All electrical wiring and utilities shall comply with the local utility provider requirements. If decorative street light poles and fixtures are to be installed, a street lighting plan shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission. The lighting plan shall include maintenance guidelines that are to be listed in the developments homeowner’s association guidelines for light fixtures. The lighting plan along with the maintenance guidelines shall be included with the construction documents or the final plat required for the development.

Light poles shall be located within public right of way and be located two feet back from back of a sidewalk or centered between curb and sidewalk and shall be ten feet from a fire hydrant. Street lights shall be located on the sidewalk side of streets and streets with sidewalks on both sides shall require the lights to be staggered on both sides of the street.

No action was taking on the draft as there needs to be a public hearing concerning this matter.
Therefore, The Woodbury Municipal Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Tuesday January 19th at 6:00 p.m. at the Woodbury City Hall concerning a revision to the subdivision regulations regarding developers to install street lighting within new subdivisions. The amendment can be reviewed at City Hall. The public is invited to attend.

The commission then also tabled the discussion of objectives and goals for 2010 until the January meeting.