Arrested For His Own Safety

A Cannon County man who has been arrested multiple times for his own safety has been arrested and charged again.  According to Cannon County Sheriff’s Department reports, Cannon County officials went out to a call about an intoxicated person destroying things in his house.  Once they got there, they found Randall smothermen sitting in his room in a chair and noticed he had consumed a can of beer.  They asked Smotherman how much he had to drink and he answered just one but his brother then says he actually had four 40 ounce beers and may have done some illegal drugs.  Sheriff’s officials noticed a busted fan on the floor.  Smotherman said that he didn’t hurt anyone and if he could just get a pass, he will behave the rest of the night.  Because of numerous encounters with Sheriff’s officials, the tendency with Smotherman is that things will escalate and concerns will be that he will attempt to hang himself as he has tried in the past.  Smotherman was placed under arrest for intoxication and disorderly conduct as he is a risk to himself and others.  He will answer to the charges January 9th in Cannon County General Sessions Court.