Cannon Commissioners Adopts Debt Management Policy

The Cannon County Commissioners decided the future of the REACH program will continue to go through the County Books after last night’s Cannon
County Commissioner meeting.  The REACH program presented a budget
amendment for a LEAPS Grant to be added to their budget.  The Leaps grant
totaled $56,225.00.  Linda Bedwell director of REACH handed the
commissioners some paperwork that indicated that she has the program
headed in the right direction as the money left over from last year
totaled a little over $13,000.  In other actions the commissioners granted
the recommendation of the Planning Commission to utilize the planning
services provided by the Upper Cumberland Development District.  This will
help the county take a serious look into zoning laws.  The Commission also
approved the debt management policy.  The policy directes offices that
borrow money to draft their own debt management policies with certain
mandatory provisions.  Those mandatory provisions are relative to
transparency professionals and conflicts.