Cannon County Man Blames Diabetic Condition Responsible For Hallunications

A Cannon County man who Sheriff’s Deputies determined was badly hallunicating was arrested for public intoxication.   According to Cannon County Sheriff’s Department reports, Deputies were dispatched out to a residence on Tenpenny Road in reference to a neighbor shooting for the past hour.  Upon arrival, deputies made contact with Courtne Elrod who was holding a gun in his hand.  He refused to put the gun down telling deputies that there were people in the woods fixing to shoot him.  Once deputies surveyed the scene and determined there were no such people, Elrod proceeded to drop his weapon.  Elrod claimed that two people came to the residence and jumped him after kicking in a side door.  He also stated that he was not able to speak or move coherently because his sugar had been dropping and he was diabetic.  Further tests suggested his blood sugar level was near normal.  Elrod was asked to write a statement but the statement didn’t make sense and Elrod signed it with an obscenity toward the deputies.  Elrod was arrested and with public intoxication and possession of a firearm while under the influence.