Cannon County Receives Recycling Grant Monies

Cannon County has received a solid waste recycling equipment grant in the amount of $20,754.00.  The grant is for the purchase of a Skid Steer.  The grant is part of the  total of $531,820 from the state that will go toward the purchase of recycling equipment to help reduce landfill waste throughout the state of Tennessee. Recycling equipment grants may be used to purchase key equipment for new recycling programs, improve and expand the operation of existing systems, or prepare recyclable materials for transport and marketing.
“This grant money will positively impact not only our environment but our economy,” said TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau. “The recycling equipment purchased through these grants will help local governments avoid landfill costs while providing additional resources for the recycling of materials.”
Grants may be awarded to counties, cities, nonprofit recycling organizations and solid waste authorities to help reach or exceed the goals set forth in the Solid Waste Management Act of 1991. Each recipient is required to match the state grant on a sliding scale basis. A local match of 10 percent to 50 percent toward these 28 projects will be required based on an economic formula.
The grant program helps encourage recycling and reduces the amount of solid waste going into Tennessee landfills. It was authorized by the Solid Waste Management Act of 1991 and is supported by the Tennessee Solid Waste Management Fund, which is administered by the Department of Environment and Conservation. The fund receives its revenues from a state surcharge on each ton of solid waste disposed in landfills and from a fee on new tires sold in the state.
In order for Cannon County to receive the money, the County Commission will have to approve a match amount of only $2000 in a upcoming meeting.