CCHS Amateur Radio Club Receives Donation from Middle Tennessee Natural Gas

The Cannon County High School Amateur Radio Club recently received a $500.00 donation from Project: Hometown Help – Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District.  The Cannon County High School Amateur Radio Club submitted an application and was accepted to receive $500.00 for amateur radio equipment to be purchased to use at the school.  The CCHS Amateur Radio Club would like to thank Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District for its support of CCHS students and their endeavor into communications with amateur radio operators locally and world-wide! 
Middle Tennessee Natural Gas offers a voluntary program designed to improve the quality of life in the communities it serves. It is known as “Project Hometown Help.”
Customers who participate in the program will find an automatic round-up of their bill to the next highest whole dollar amount. This calculation will be shown on the bill as “Hometown Help.” The funds collected in this method will be used as authorized by law to:

Advance education

Assist economic development

Promote local charities

Relief to disabled and elderly for payment of natural gas bills
The funds collected are disbursed under the guidance of the Board of Commissioners of the Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District. The average customer contributes six dollars per year through this program. If all customers remain in the program, more than $300,000 could be raised annually for the benefit of your hometowns.