Celebration Of New Job Leads To Domestic Assault Charges

A celebration of a new job quickly turned into an angry confrontation and a man was arrested and charged with domestic assault.  According to Cannon County Sheriff’s Department reports, officials responded to a domestic in progress call.  Upon arrival, officials made contact with the victims.  Victim explained that the family was celebrating a son getting a new job when the victim’s husband James Scott Neal’s mental state when from happy and celebratory to very hostile and angry.  The son stepped in between the couple as they argued and that’s when Neal punched him in the mouth and pushed his wife with enough force to cause her to land on something hard. Neal shoved his wife allegedly several more times and then went on a rampage in the house.  Sheriff’s officials had to fight Neal in order to get him to comply with orders.  Neal was charged with two counts of domestic assault.  He will answer to the charge January 9th in Cannon County General Sessions Court