Concerned Citizens Concerned About Addiction Recovery Center

A concerned citizens group has formed to inform people about a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that has bought property in Woodbury.  Spring2 Life Christian Addiction Recovery Center based out of Murfreesboro, purchased a home located at 3180 Hill Creek Road in Woodbury.  The house sits on 8 acres and has 100 acres behind it.  The residences is located about five miles from the city limits off the McMinnville Highway.  It will be used to house around 30 residents.  According to a letter from the Concerned Citizens there is concern that wells could dry up and septic systems being contaminated due to possible overyse.  Another concern from the group is that the type of people the Center will house may not be suitable for a residential area. Erik Hines pastor of the Spring 2 Life Center says that the Center is very specific in the types of people the Center will take in.  No violent criminals will be allowed.  Furthermore, the Center in Woodbury is a discipleship center where residents will be involved in taking Bible classesand serving others through community service.  Mr. Hines described the Center in Woodbury as a Vacation Bible School for adults.  The residents will not be allowed to leave the property without supervision of the staff. They will not be allowed personal vehicles.  They have a zero tolerance for violence and will not accept any violent offenders to their program.  The Recovery Centers have been a great help for people wishing to recover from addictions have been instrumental with discipleship and community service programs in Murfreesboro.