County Commissioners Mull Over Debt Management Policy

Recommendations of the Cannon County Planning Commission is one of the many items on the agenda of the Cannon County Commission to consider
during tonight’s monthly meeting.  The Planning Commission is recommending
the utilization of a certified planner from the Upper Cumberland
Development District Agency.  The planner will take the place of the State
Planning services after budget cuts were made and the State of Tennessee
cut the planning offices.  The Planner will be valuable in helping the
County look at, draw up and implement any type of county zoning.
In other items before the Commission.  The Commission will look at and
possibly adopt a debt management policy.   Review a report about any
committee members that wish to withdraw from the committee in which  they
are on.  Look at a resolution to elminate  the need for a wheel tax
decal.Discuss the future of REACH.  Discuss budget amendments, review a
request from the Eastside Fire Department to buy a box van.  Most of the
budget amendments will be recommendations brought to the Commissioners
from the Cannon County Budget Committee.
The meeting will start tonight at 6:00 at the County Courthouse