Driver’s Licenses Renew Every Eight Years Instead Of Five

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security announced beginning January 4, 2016, Tennesseans will be able to renew their driver license every eight years instead of five years.  The change will include all classifications of driver licenses and identification licenses.   The legislation to increase the renewal years was proposed during the 2015 legislative session. Senator Nicely and Representative Goins introduced the bill to help decrease wait times and improve customer traffic flow at driver services centers.
“This is another step to improve the quality of our driver services and help better serve the existing population as well as plan for future growth here in Tennessee,” Commissioner Bill Gibbons said.  “It’s our goal to enhance our driver services and provide convenient options for our customers.”
The new eight year license will include all forms of driver licenses and identification licenses, including commercial driver license and motorcycle license.
“We are pleased with the support of the Governor and the members of the General Assembly  who continue to work with our department to improve our driver services division to better serve our growing state,” Gibbons said.