Drunk Participants In Bonfire Leads To Wild Night

Cannon County Deputies had their hands full following a bonfire that spilled over into a fight resulting in drunk driving and a car accident recently.  According to Cannon County Sheriff’s Department reports, Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Iconium Road after complaintants called police warning about a drunk driver that had just left the driveway.  Minutes later after arriving near the residence another dispatch call came in that there was a possible wreck with injuries,  Deputy Randy Wildes went to the area on Iconimum Road but couldn’t locate the wreck.  Minutes later though a drunk driver pulled up in what appeared to be a vehicle that looked like it had just been in a wreck.  The driver was upset screaming at Deputy Wildes about someone trying to kill him.  Deputy Wildes took the man back to the residence of the original caller.  While the subject was being medically attended to, a female of the house explained to Deputy Wildes what had been going on.The subject later identified as Mr Jeffery Nichols and three other people showed up at a bonfire on Prater Road.  Nichols and the other male of the group Mr. Joseph Barrett were highly intoxicated and were asked to leave.  Before they left though Nichols decided to jump on the hood of a 2001 Volvo smashing the hood, then Nichols kicked in the windshield.  Then after all that action.  Mr Nichols jumped into a car ran through a horse fence, sped through a field and nailed the horse fence on the other side too.  After viewing the damage of the vehicle and talking to other witnesses, deputies then found Mr. Joseph Barrett.  After getting Barrett’s identification he was taken into custody for underage consumption of alcohol and possession of Schedule 2 Narcotics as after booking him in the Cannon County Jail he was found to have 1 tablet of morphine in his pocket. Nichols was charged with Vandalism over $1000 for damages to the field and fences.  He was also charged with vandalism $5000 to $10000 for damages to the Volvo.  Tennessee Highway Patrol charged Nichols with leaving the scene of an accident and DUI 2nd offense.