FAFSA Workshop In January For Cannon County High Seniors

On Thursday January 5th Cannon County High School will be hosting a FAFSA workshop from 4 to 8 pm.  Eric Farmer with the Tennessee Student
Assistance Corporation will be on hand to help answer questions that
parents and students may have regarding the FAFSA.  The FAFSA or free
application for federal student aid should be filed by any high school
senior who is seeking financial aid grants or loans for the purpose of
attending college or trade school in the fall.  It is important that the
FAFSA is filed as soon as possible beginning January first due to limited
amounts of grant money available.  The meeting will begin at 4p and will
be held in a computer lab at the high school   Parents in attendance
should bring either a copy of their 2011 tax return or an estimate of
income tax dure for assistance with tax specific questions.  If school is
close due to inclement weather, the meeting will be canceled.  For more
information please contact the Cannon County High School Guidance office
at 563-2144