FTC, 35 States To Send Up To $11 Million In Consumer Refunds

Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper has announced more than 22,000 Tennesseans will soon get refunds as a result of a multistate and U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) agreement with an identity theft protection provider alleged to have engaged in misleading advertising practices. The Tempe, AZ-based company, Lifelock, Inc., is alleged to have misled consumers by claiming its services were a “proven solution” that would protect them against all forms of identity theft including criminal, mortgage and child identity theft. The settlement also resolves allegations that the company misrepresented the nature of specific services it provided to protect or alert consumers when their personal information had been compromised.
“We are pleased consumers are getting refunds,” Attorney General Cooper said, “But, I hope this occasion also serves as a reminder there are no absolute guarantees that any company can protect you from identity theft.”
Refunds have been mailed. In addition, LifeLock also agreed to pay $1 million to cover the costs of the states’ investigation, of which Tennessee will receive $79,000.
Consumers can take precautions at no cost to protect themselves from identify theft. For example, anyone can obtain free copies of their credit reports to review their own credit histories and identify errors and inaccuracies, such as unauthorized accounts. State officials also recommend consumers closely monitor their own bank accounts and credit card statements for unauthorized withdrawals or charges.