Hiring Of Math Teacher At High School Highlights Board Of Education Meeting

An item tabled from the November meeting of the Cannon County  Board of Education will be scheduled to be brought up during tonight’s monthly meeting of the Cannon County School Board.  Michael K. Jones will address the board concerning the hiring of a math teacher at Cannon County High School and will also propose a new method of evaluation of a Director Of Schools.  The item was tabled until this month’s monthly meeting because the school board was one member shy after board member Frank Walkup passed away in November.  Newly appointed member Tim Powers who is taking Frank’s place on the School Board is expected to attend tonight’s meeting.  Other members on the agenda will be to approve the fire marshall’s plan for removal of the stage at the Cannon County High School gymnasium and plan for new bleachers.  Approve tenure for Elizabeth Davis and Shane Hollandsworth.  Jennifer Walls will approach the Board of Education in regards to a transfer request.  There will be a discussion about Quick Scores and Board Member Nathan Sanders will address the rest of the Board concerning the TSBA Convention and legislative session that he attended recently.  The meeting is set to take place tonight at 6:30 at the cafeteria of the Woodbury Grammar School.