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Warren County Gang Prevention

Monday 25 August 2008Officials at Warren County Schools decided in light of the growing number of gangs surfacing in rural areas to send men to learn how to possibly prevent gang activity. Resource officers Bobby Pennington and Jarvis Johnson attended a recent Gang Training Conference held in Chicago. Both men told the "Southern Standard" that Warren County Schools have not been invaded by gangs the goal is to prevent the situation. Important signs to look for could be seen in students' refusal to wear certain colors of clothing or altering the clothes they are wearing. Other things to try to spot include intricate hand symbols bandannas or an unusual amount of bruises and cuts on a student.

Speculation in Energy Markets Costing Consumers

Monday 25 August 2008The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has reported that transactions by energy speculators account for about 81 percent of all the oil contracts on the New York Mercantile Stock Exchange (NYMEX) – far more than previously thought. At one point a single firm held 11 percent of all oil contracts. “Speculation in energy markets is raising the price we pay at the pump and making life tough for many Tennessee families ” according to U.S. Rep Bart Gordon. “This revelation underscores the need for congressional action to reign in oil speculation. Clearly our regulatory system is not working like it should. Allowing excessive trading by speculators to continue is risky and reckless.” In recent months experts have testified before Congress that excessive trading is driving up the price of oil by as much as $40 per barrel. Oil futures are used by industries like airlines trucking companies and refineries to lock in fuel and oil prices to keep their businesses running smoothly. Speculators trade energy futures like stocks – buying and selling them for profit rather than taking delivery of the product. Gordon voted for legislation in June that called on the CFTC to investigate trading by energy speculators. In July Gordon supported additional legislation that would have increased the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s authority to curtail speculation brought more transparency to commodities and futures markets and strengthened enforcement to prevent market manipulation and to prosecute fraud. Despite receiving bipartisan support from a majority of voting members the bill failed because it did not receive the required approval by two-thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman Gordon said “It’s a shame partisan politics got in the way of bringing relief to consumers struggling to cope with high gas prices. Americans deserve better. Congress needs to return to the issue and pass legislation to curb speculation in energy markets. It is an important part of a comprehensive strategy that includes increasing domestic oil and gas production conserving energy and investing in alternative energy sources.”

County Commission Review Several Topics

Sunday 24 August 2008The county convience center may be getting upgrades and some new equipment following Saturday’s meeting of the Cannon County Board of Commissioners. Members met in special called session and voted unanimously to apply for grants which will fund improvements to the oil recycling center and a new loader at the dump. The grants which are offered through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development will serve two purposes by enabling the county to construct a cover over its oil recycling center and provide a loader to assist with the transportation of solid waste. Currently the oil recycling center is uncovered and when it rains parts of it fill up causing oil to spill out. This creates runoff which could cause pollution. The Commission was told that if this continues the County could be written up by inspectors. The oil recycling grant which the County is likely to receive is a 100 percent grant and will require no matching funds. The loader grant is a 70/30 grant that will require the county to pay 30 percent of the total cost. It is not expected that the County should have to spend more than $3 600.00 on the project. The likelihood of the County getting that grant is not as good but the Commission decided to apply anyway. In other business before the Commission: Members voted to approve the Three Star Strategic Economic Plan Members reappointed Boyd Barker and Thad Rains to the Cannon County Planning Commission and members approved the sale of a front end loader at the highway department.

Fincher Captured- Hickson Remains at Large

Sunday 24 August 2008By our news partner in DeKalb County WJLE / Dwayne Page 39 year old Kirk Douglas Fincher has been captured. Sheriff Patrick Ray says Fincher showed up at the residence of a woman on Woodard Lane this afternoon (Sunday) in DeKalb County but as he was standing on the front porch the woman's son and daughter-in-law arrived. Fincher was held at gunpoint by the son until law enforcement officers arrived. The other man being sought Nicklas Hickson remains at large. According to a family member Fincher showed up on the woman's front door step just as her son and daughter-in-law were coming up the long driveway to the house in their pickup truck for a Sunday afternoon family meal and visit. When the woman saw her son and daughter-in-law driving up she went to unlock the front door. The only other person in the house with her at the time was her 16 year old grandson. As she opened the door she saw the man (Fincher) standing on the front porch. Fincher asked her if he could get something to eat and drink. She answered no and then shut the door. The daughter-in-law told WJLE that when she and her husband pulled up toward the side of the house she got out of the truck and noticed movement on the front porch and then saw a man coming down the front steps. She knew someone was there who wasn't supposed to be because there were no other cars there. Her husband then reached for a rifle from behind the seat of the truck that he had brought so his son could do some target practice. As he got out of the truck with the rifle the man (Fincher) began walking toward the truck. The man held the gun where Fincher could see it and told him to stop right where he was and to put his hands in the air. Fincher was unarmed and did not try to get away. The man told Fincher to sit down on the ground while his wife called the law. As she was calling on her cell phone the woman inside the house was also making a call to police. Members of the family fixed Fincher a plate so he could have something to eat while they were waiting on law enforcement officers to arrive. Patrol cars arrived minutes later and several officers got out and took Fincher into custody before he could finish his meal. A family member said the man (Fincher) had a lot of cuts and scratches from the briars he had run into trying to hide in the woods and thickets.


Saturday 23 August 2008Kurt Fincer The Tennessee Highway Patrol and law enforcement authorities from several counties are searching in Dekalb County for the two suspects who were involved in a pursuit this morning and fled on foot after crashing the stolen vehicle they were riding in. These are believed to be the same suspects who were involved in a separate pursuit Thursday in White County. Kirk Douglas Fincher and Nicklas Hickson allegedly stole a gold 1997 Toyota Avalon Thursday from a home in White County. A Tennessee State Trooper spotted the vehicle as it was traveling westbound on Interstate 40 near mile marker 268 at approximately 8:15 a.m. this morning. After back-up arrived Troopers attempted to stop the vehicle. Officers pursued the Avalon from I-40 to Highway 53 South and then to Highway 264 where the suspects wrecked the vehicle near mile marker 4. The two men believed to be Fincher and Hickson fled on foot. Two dozens State Troopers including K-9 teams and members of Special Operations are participating in the manhunt Saturday as well as officers from the TBI the Cookeville Police Department and Dekalb Smith and White counties. On Thursday Fincher a convicted felon from Kansas City Missouri was one of three occupants in a 2002 Black Ford pick-up truck who lost control and crashed during a pursuit on Old Kentucky Road in White County. At approximately 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning Trooper Michael Loftis observed the Ford pick-up on Interstate 40 at mile marker 287 in Putnam County. Trooper Loftis attempted to stop the truck for following another vehicle too closely and that is when the pursuit began. Trooper Loftis followed the vehicle on Highway 111 South to Old Kentucky Road before the suspects crashed near the airport area. Authorities believe Fincher later broke into a White County home and stole the Toyota Avalon. A 17-year-old occupant of the vehicle is in custody. He was spotted near a church by local residents and arrested at approximately 4:20 p.m. Thursday by a White County Sheriff’s deputy and Trooper Loftis. Fincher was released from a Missouri prison in January 2008 after serving a 17-year sentence for homicide of a police officer. A picture of Fincher is attached. There is no description of Hickson at this time. www.tennessee.gov/safety

Duck Race Saturday To Benefit Child Advocacy Center

Friday 22 August 2008Quakers official mascot of the race spent several days on the lawn of the Cannon County Courthouse. The Child Advocacy Center is hoping little yellow rubber ducks will translate into big dollars for the second annual Duck Derby. On Saturday August 23 ten thousand ducks will be launched into the Stones River in Murfreesboro to race for donated prizes for adopters. Supporters can still adopt ducks at the Fun Festival Saturday afternoon. Proceeds from the race support safety justice and healing for child victims. The goal of the Child Advocacy Center is to increase children’s safety help children and their families heal from trauma and victimization of child sexual abuse and to prosecute child abuse perpetrators. The Center has a local office in Woodbury that opened late last year to help local victims of abuse. The ducks will be racing for prizes including a trip to Walt Disney World offered by Universal Travel and sponsored by Lucy and Bill Whitesell. Other prizes offered include a scooter from Sloan’s Motorcycle & ATV Supercenter box tickets to MTSU v. N. Texas State donated by Bud Morris and Andy Womack a $500 gift certificate to Bell Jewelers and a $500 gift certificate to Demos’ Restaurants. The Middle Tennessee Medical Center Family Fun Fest will start at 1:00 pm Saturday at the Sportman’s Club near Medical Center Parkway. The Fun Fest will include loads of activities for the entire family to enjoy include bounce houses for the kids a petting zoo games and a visit from our favorite original racing duck Quackers!


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