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National Women's Health Week

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Tennessee Department of Health joins the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women’s Health in celebrating National Women’s Health Week May 12 – 18, 2019. This nationwide initiative brings awareness to the importance of women’s health and empowers women to take small, manageable steps for longer, healthier and happier lives.
“So often as women we put the health and wellness of our loved ones first, but it’s never too early or late for women to make time for their own health,” said Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey, MD, MBA, FAAP. “During National Women’s Health Week, we urge women to talk with their health care providers about which screenings and tests are right for them, when they should have them and how often.”
Simple steps to take charge of your own health include engaging in healthy behaviors such as avoiding smoking; wearing a seatbelt and not texting while driving; paying attention to mental health, including managing stress and getting enough sleep and visiting a health care professional for regular checkups and preventive screenings.
Avoid Smoking
The leading cause of death for women in Tennessee continues to be heart disease, which claimed more than 7,000 women’s lives in 2017. The second leading cause of death for women in Tennessee is cancer, followed by chronic lower respiratory disease. Tobacco use is a major risk factor for these and other diseases. In 2017, 21 percent of adult women in Tennessee were current smokers.
TDH provides the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine counseling service at no charge to all Tennesseans who want to stop tobacco use. Free nicotine replacement patches are also offered through the QuitLine. For more information, contact the QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit the website www.tnquitline.org.
Pay Attention to Mental Health
Substance abuse and misuse also take a heavy toll on Tennessee women. More than 700 women in Tennessee died from drug overdose in 2017. While women in the state have lower rates of drug overdose deaths than men, they have a higher rate of outpatient visits and hospital stays for nonfatal drug overdoses. Learn more about substance use disorders among women at www.womenshealth.gov/mental-health/mental-health-conditions/alcohol-use-disorder-substance-use-disorder-and-addiction. Information on addictions and referrals for treatment are available by calling the Tennessee REDLINE at 1-800-889-9789.

Get Checkups and Preventive Screenings
Tennessee women are encouraged to talk with a health care provider to evaluate their current health status, discuss preventive screenings such as mammograms and Pap smears and make plans for health improvement. TDH offers a variety of women’s health services including family planning and breast and cervical cancer screenings; contact your local health department for information on services available in your area. Learn about planning your health care visit at www.womenshealth.gov/nwhw/about.

Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Conduct Meeting

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Members of the newly-established Cannon County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition recently conducted  their first scheduled meeting at the Woodbury Lions Club building. And, they weren’t disappointed in the activities. All Board of Directors were present as well as seven Sector Representatives, several coalition partners, concerned citizens, a representative of the Tennessee National Guard Counter Drug Task Force and coalition members from surrounding counties.
The agenda included a review of the National Drug Take Back Day event (the first event implemented by the coalition), accomplishments of the first 30 days of existence,  participation in the upcoming National Prevention Week, announcements of events by coalition partners and a Naloxone training presented by Trey Dees, Regional Overdose Prevention Specialist. Those who participated in the training received certificates and a Narcan overdose kit, enabling them, perhaps, to save a life.
The next meeting will be Thursday, June 13th at 11 am at the Woodbury Lions Club building. The coalition is open to ALL community members and youth who want to make a difference. 

Predators Foundation Continue Support for CAC

Monday, 13 May 2019

The Nashville Predators Foundation awarded a $2,750 grant to the Child Advocacy Center as part of its 2019 record-breaking donation of $675,962 to 145 area non-profit organizations.
Established in 1998, the Nashville Predators Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to local youth-oriented non-profit organizations in Middle Tennessee that help meet the educational, social, health, and cultural needs of our community’s children.
“The Nashville Predators Foundation has a rich history or providing support to organizations in our community that serve children and youth,” said Child Advocacy Center director Sharon De Boer.  “We are grateful to the Predators Foundation for their faithful support of the children and families that we serve.”
The $2,750 Predator’s grant will support the Darkness to Light Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.  Darkness to Light is evidence based, national curriculum used to train adults how to prevent children from being sexually abused and what to do if a child discloses sexual abuse to you.  The Predators funds will be used to send four staff and volunteers to the Darkness to Light authorized facilitator training.
In 2012, the Child Advocacy Center set a goal to train 10,500 people in Rutherford and Cannon Counties how to protect their children from child sexual abuse.  This number represented 5% of the adult population of both counties at that time.  The Child Advocacy Center is excited to announce that over 10,750 adults have been trained.
“No parent or grandparent wants their child to be sexually abused,” said Child Advocacy Center Community Education Coordinator Brittnie Noble.  “We are utilizing the Darkness to Light training curriculum to give parents and grandparents the tools to protect their children from child sexual abuse.  Our goal is to reduce the number of child victims in Rutherford and Cannon County by training their parents and grandparents how to protect them.”
To bring the Darkness to Light child sexual abuse prevention training to your church, school, business, -non-profit agency, or civic group please contact Brittnie Noble in Rutherford County at 615-867-9000 or bnoble@cacrutherford.org or Cassell Galligan-Davis innCannon County at 615-563-9915 or cdavis@cannoncac.org
Get involved.  Together we can reduce the number of child sexual abuse victims in our community!

2019 Top Scholars Honored

Monday, 13 May 2019

L-R: Pody, Taylor, Underwood, Boyd

State Senator Mark Pody and State Representative Clark Boyd hosted a Breakfast for Cannon County High School Valedictorian Erika Taylor & Salutatorian Lauren Underwood on Thursday Morning.  Also joining for this breakfast was Cannon County High School Principal Courtney Nichols, Assistant Principal Kay Barker, local Businessman / School Board Member Bruce A. Daniel who sponsored the event, and Director of Cannon County Schools William F. Curtis.
State Senator Pody and Representative Boyd lead a very informative discussion with the two Cannon County High School Top Scholars regarding current issues and trends facing today’s high school students. The discussion with all present participating, discussed the students’ individual plans for college and beyond, plus their essential input regarding future educational and societal challenges.   
Valedictorian Erika Taylor is the daughter of Eric Taylor of McMinnville and Priscilla Campbell of Woodbury. Salutatorian Lauren Underwood is the daughter of Brad and Amy Underwood of Woodbury where both are teachers at East Side Elementary School.  Erika plans on pursuing a degree in Speech Pathology at Middle Tennessee State University, and Lauren plans on becoming an Elementary Teacher like both of her parents by majoring in Elementary Education at Middle Tennessee State University.
Cannon County High School Principal Courtney Nichols stated, “CCHS is very proud of these two outstanding young ladies and their candor and openness to Senator Pody and Representative Boyd.  These young ladies have displayed integrity, a tremendous work ethic, and diligence in the classroom.  CCHS and I are extremely proud of these young ladies and their accomplishments!”
Cannon County Director of Schools William F Curtis stated, “These two young ladies are the best of the best.  I was extremely proud, as both Erika and Lauren, interacted with our State Leaders.”

May is Building Safety Month

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Governor Bill Lee has declared May 2019 as Building Safety Month to increase public awareness of the critical role building codes play in ensuring fire and life safety.
Created 39 years ago by the International Code Council, Building Safety Month is an international campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of code adoption and celebrate the work of state and local codes inspectors who help ensure the safety of communities. The Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office is proud to join Governor Lee and the International Codes Council in promoting this annual campaign.
In 2018, the State Fire Marshall’s Office completed 2,873 inspections of residential structures, issued 135,011 electrical permits, reviewed 1,045 building plans, and conducted 211,131 total electrical inspections.
Building codes address all aspects of construction, including fire prevention, structural integrity, and energy efficiency, to name a few.
Because these structures are being built with such resiliency, the risk of property damage is reduced, which may provide property owners with lower insurance costs and save millions of taxpayer dollars in the wake of natural disasters.
For more information on Building Safety Month, visit the International Code Council’s website.

Alenander and Fann Honored by Schools

Saturday, 11 May 2019

L-R: Alexander, Curtis, Fann

Cannon County Schools named Stephanie Alexander, 6th – 12th Grades System-Wide Instructional Coach and Angie Fann, Response to Intervention System-Wide Coach as “Employees of the Month” for May 2019. During the May Meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education on Thursday, May 9th, 2019, Alexander and Fann were recognized and presented certificates by Cannon County Schools Director William F. Curtis for their service to the system.  Employees are nominated by School Principals or School District Supervisors and are voted on during monthly Principal and Supervisor meetings regarding individuals who exemplify the Mission and Vision of Cannon County Schools.
Kathy Mullins - Federal Programs/Pre K Supervisor and Chairman of the District Improvement Plan nominated these employees, stated, “In order for Tennessee to reach its goals that all students have the knowledge and skills to successfully embark upon their chosen path in life, it is important that schools, districts, and the state develop strong plans for improvement that aim to incrementally move towards those long term goals. Therefore, all districts and schools in Tennessee are required to create a comprehensive improvement plan that is developed annually by a diverse group of stakeholders to drive prioritization of the work and associated funding decisions to improve educational opportunities for all students. During the planning process, the team is challenged to review various data points to identify the current needs of the district or school. Once the needs are identified, the planning team creates aligned goals, strategies, and action steps that align with the prioritized needs. All plans should be monitored regularly and revised based on students’ needs throughout the school year with input from the planning team. 
Stephanie Alexander, Cannon's District-Wide 6th-12th Instructional Coach, and Angie Fann, Cannon's District-Wide Response to Instruction and Intervention Coach took upon the vital roles in reviewing data, aligning goals for our district and creating the action steps necessary to ensure Cannon's students are prepared for their future. In turn, Stephanie and Angie will assist principals and teachers in reaching the outlined goals.   Our schools will now begin work on their individual School Improvement Plans based on the District's master plan.”
Director of Cannon County Schools, Mr. William F. Curtis stated, “These two veteran teachers now serve all Cannon County Schools.  They worked very hard to assist our Supervisors and the entire District Improvement Plan Team to produce a plan that meets expectations and will affect our schools in a very positive way in the up-coming school year.  These plans, with their associated goals and expectations, are vital to prioritize and to achieve our educational goals. 


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