Under Zoning Plan, Applicants For Antennas or Towers Must Provide A Engineering Report

Friday, 11 August 2017

We continue our public information series on the proposed Cannon County Zoning Plan.  
First defining some of the terms that are used in the proposed ordinance
An area of land, including landscaping, berms, walls, fences, and building setbacks, that is located between land uses of different character and is intended to mitigate negative impacts of the more intense use on a residential or vacant parcel.

Any lawful commercial endeavor to engage in the manufacturing, purchase, sale, lease, or exchange of goods, and/or the provision of services.

Camp Ground.  
Temporary or permanent buildings, tents, or other structures established or maintained as a temporary living quarter, operated continuously for a period of five days or more for recreation, religious, education, or vacation purposes.

Car wash  
A building or portion thereof containing facilities for washing more than two automobiles, using production line methods. The use of personnel for one or more phases of this operation in conjunction with or without complete automatic or mechanical devices does not alter its classification. For the purpose of this ordinance, coin-operated devices . . . operated on a self-service basis shall be construed to be the same.

Land used or dedicated to the burial of the dead, including crematoriums, mausoleums, necessary sales, and maintenance facilities.  Mortuaries shall be included when operated within the boundary of such cemetery.
Next we take a look at more wireless communication facilities and antenna arrays requirements as stated in the ordinance under non conforming lots and non conforming uses of land.  This is in article 4 under general provisions
Telecommunication Structures are not allowed within the county unless within a permitted zone, and, where allowed, are subject to the following requirements:

    2.    Requirements

Each applicant for an antenna and/or tower shall provide to the Cannon County Codes Compliance Officer, the following:

a.    Engineering Report – Prepared by a professional engineer licensed by the State of Tennessee describing the height and design of the tower, demonstrating the tower’s compliance with applicable structural standards, and all building, electric and fire codes; and describing the tower’s capacity, including the number and type of antennas it can accommodate.  When an antenna is proposed to be mounted on an existing structure, the reportshall indicate the existing structure’s suitability and capability to accept the antenna and the proposed method for affixing the antenna to the structure.  Complete details of all fixtures and couplings and the precise point of attachment shall be indicated.

WBRY will continue its news series on the zoning ordinance throughout the month.  For a complete copy of the proposed zoning ordinance email askus@wbry.com or kready@wbry.com