Vandalism With BB's

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Recently Deputies were dispatched to a Bertha Owen Road residence for a possible vandalism call.  According to Cannon County Sheriff's Department reports, the complainant stated that her dog had been barking for two hours non stop.  After the complainant went to look around the property she went back inside the house to her back bedroom where her son was sleeping when she heard what sounded like rocks spraying the front of her house.  When she went to check and see what it was she noticed small holes through her door and windows which looked to be BBs or pellets.  After the victim advised deputies of the situation she showed the damage done to her house.  Small holes to the front bedroom windows and doors were noticed and a BB was found on the ground outside the first front window that matched the size of each hole.  Deputies searched the property for any evidence of someone being there but was unable to find any tracks.  Extra patrol was set up through the area.  Investigation is still ongoing.