Wanted for Two Probation Violation Warrants, Auburntown Man Arrested In Murfreesboro

Monday, 20 November 2017

An Auburntown man who had two violation of probation warrants out of Cannon County was picked up earlier this week after being pulled over by Murfreesboro Police for cutting off another vehicle.  According to Murfreesboro Police Reports 35 year old Robert Kyle Sandlin was pulled over after police observed him cutting off another vehicle.  A check of the registration of the vehicle revealed it had been expired since 2013.  Sandlin's driver's license had been revoked for a prior DUI.  In addition to the two violation of probation warrants, Sandlin had a felony violation of probation in Rutherford County.  He also was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia as he had a mason jar and three bags in the car.  One of the bags had residue of marijuana in it and was marked with the words "Orange Dream Santa Hybrid" on it.  Sandlin is scheduled to answer to the Driving on revoked and drug paraphernalia charge in Rutherford County General Sessions Court January 31st.