Vacated Commission Spots To Be Filled Tonight

Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Cannon County Commission will elect two new county commissioners to fill the seats vacated recently by Todd Hollandsworth District 2 and Jamie Holloway District 3 at the regular monthly meeting tonight.  They will also be electing a road commissioner for zone 3 due to the passing away of James Hancock.  In addition to all those, it is now official that there will be a new chairman to conduct the commission meetings as current chairman Mike Gannon announced a few days ago that he will take his name out of consideration for the position.  
Gannon and Commissioner Brent Bush have been the only ones nominated for the position which comes up annually.  Gannon has continued in the chairman role as voting for both has ended deadlocked in a four all tie in the last two meetings.  Gannon cited the current political climate and that some of the commissioners are running for reelection or for other offices.  Gannon says that he does not want to provide cover or be a scapegoat for those running.  
 Other items on the agenda will have the consideration of resoluton 2017-8 Ambulance Service, 2017-9 Rescue Squad, 2017-10 Approval of the submission of the CDBG project.  Frank Matthews will address the Commission, Corey Davenport Industrial Development Board Chairman will address the commission and they will select the department of the year.  The meeting starts tonight at 5:00 in the Courthroom of the Cannon County Courthouse.