Driver Education To Be Discussed During Tonights Board Of Education Meeting

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Could Cannon County High School be offering a driver education program in the near future?
The topic is on tonight's agenda of the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education.  High School principal Mike Jones will address the Board concerning the program and also replacing non functioning security cameras at Cannon County High School.  Also on the agenda will be the consideration to revise a policy which concerns requiring parents or guardians requesting a transfer to attend the Board workshop which normally takes place the Tuesday of the particular Thursday meeting.   
Courtney Nichols of Cannon County High School will address the board seeking the approval of the CTE Equipment Grand Bids.  The Board will also consider the interim director of schools contract, review a student transfer request.  The meeting will take place tonight at the Woodbury Grammar School Caferia starting at 6:30.