Security at Courthouse Reviewed for Court Days

Friday, 8 June 2018

The way you enter the courthouse in Cannon County may change in the future. During the meeting of the Cannon County Commission, Judge Susan Melton informed the group of a recent meeting of the courthouse security committee.
The committee reviewed the current layout for security and developed a plan they hope to implement in the future.  Under the new plan, security personnel and metal scanners will be relocated from the hallway area just outside the courtroom to the lower floor. Another recommendation would call for all persons to enter the courthouse from a single entrance.
Sheriff Darryl Young reported that the new plan will change the personnel needed on court days from one to three.  He also said for the safety of all concerned, a ban of firearms in the courthouse should be enforced.
The courthouse security committee consists of judges, members of the office of court clerk, sheriff’s department and is headed by Chancellor Wilson.
Cannon County is possibly the last courthouse in this area to take these steps. No action has been taken on the plan yet.