Cross Country Training Area To Expand for Youth

Friday, 8 June 2018

The need for additional cross country training space gets the attention of the Industrial Development Board.  During Thursday night’s meeting of the Cannon County Commission, Corey Davenport, chairman of the Industrial Development Board addressed Commissioners.  The board has advised the Commission they wish to exercise a 90 day option in an agreement with the county for a approximate 4 acre track on Alexander Drive.  The county has previously paid one-dollar per year for the track.  Davenport stated the board wishes to use the track as recreational space.  The plan is to maintain the area for use by the youth of our community for cross country training.  He also indicated the possibility of building an outdoor basketball practice area.
Commissioners agreed and also approved access for the Industrial Development Board during the 90-day cancelation period so they may begin their work on the project.
 The acreage is located across from the Sheriff’s office on Alexander Drive.