The Great Garbage Saga Continues

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

As day four of the great garbage saga continues… this is what we know.
County Executive Brent Bush after conferring with County Attorney Mike Corley has confirmed the county must provide trash service.  The question now is what will that trash service be?  According to visiting members of the County Commission at last night’s meeting of the Mayor and Board of Alderman the service may be self-service for city residents.
Woodbury Mayor Andy Duggin reached out to County Executive Brent Bush on Tuesday and informed Bush (pending Alderman approval) the city could be open to repairing the county compactor.  The offer was turned down by the County Executive.
Commissioners Jim Bush and Ronnie Mchaffey, Jr. told Woodbury Board of Alderman that a new plan for the convenience center will have it operating without a compactor. Without a compactor, the city trash trucks will be forced to deliver directly to the landfill in Rutherford County.
Public Works Director for the Town of Woodbury announced yesterday that the trash route in the town is on regular schedule and the trucks will be picking up in town and delivering directly to the MidPoint Landfill.
When asked, Cannon Commissioner for District 5 Kim Davenport has the following to say,
"I would like to see representatives from the city and the county come together and work out any issues, along with Lisa Luck, Solid Waste Planner for the Upper Cumberland Development District, Kim Raia, CTAS Environmental Management Consultant and Thea Prince, our own expert. I hope we will set up a county solid waste committee quickly to stay on top of the issues we are currently experiencing and to assist with the grant. It is no secret that a lot of the equipment there is aging and rusted, and obviously not working, I saw that first hand. I spoke with the hydraulic mechanic who stated the hydraulic pump would cost between $4k-5k to repair. We have currently have a matching grant that the county has been awarded, I am reading through it now. It is time-sensitive, and there are strict mandates we must meet to receive it. Several of the commissioners, myself included, are trying our best to get up to speed on this and several other challenging issues, but working together as a team for the county, I feel we can get the job done.”
 The next stop on the great garbage saga is the County Commission meeting Thursday afternoon.