Solid Waste Story Continues

Monday, 10 September 2018

Services available and how they are administered at the County’s Convenience Center is a continuing story.  Several updates were reveled over the weekend.
County Executive issued the follow statement; “I wish to thank Commissioner Jim Bush and Ronnie Mahhaffy for their hard work and volunteer efforts.  This week we will begin the process of phasing in inmates.  Commissioner Jim Bush and Paul Alexander has begun the process of becoming certified to supervise inmates. With the cooperation of the Sheriff departments we will have a facility with the use of inmate labor and volunteer supervisors. Friday I was also running the budgeted pay for County employees and found out that we only had about half in the budget, so I laid off 4 County employees. 3 work directly at solid waste and one other works grounds, but was budgeted to return to the solid waste facility at the end of the mowing season. I am working with The Sheriff department to also supervise inmates to do that also. Informed those 4 individuals yesterday and gave them their two week notice.”
The Cannon County Solid Waste facility will no longer take scrap metal or tires. It is not cost effective for the County to haul scrap metal or tires to the buyer. New hours for the center were announced Friday.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8 – 5, closed Wednesday and Sunday. Today it will not open until noon. A new person is hauling trash beginning today. Inmates will begin the process of phasing in at the facility under supervision.  The conflict and changes should level out over the next couple weeks.