Solid Waste and Software on Alderman's Agenda

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Woodbury Mayor Andy Duggin and Vice Mayor Faye Northcutt-Knox

Mayor Andy Duggin advised the Board of Alderman during their Tuesday night meeting, he is holding off on the law suit against Cannon County on the solid waste issue. Duggin says "It appears they want to work out a deal." The Town of Woodbury would pay hauling fees and the county would pay Tipping Fees.  The mayor would like at least a 20 year contract.
The Board of Alderman of Woodbury approved a software upgrade for the water department to assist in the on-going effort of improving modernization of the water department. Public Works Director Shane Gannon addressed the need for the change.  After several minutes of discussion, the board approved up to 24 thousand-dollars for the project.
In other action,
Ordinance No 498 was approved. This is an ordinance to amend  the zoning map of the Town of Woodbury Tenn. to rezone a parcel at 213 E Main ST. from the R-2 (High Residential) zoning district to the C-2 (Central Commercial) zoning district. The property is owned by Wallace King.

Ordinance 499 was also passed to zone three parcels of land located off of Tanglewood Drive to the R-1 (low Density Residential) zoning district. The property recently annexed and owned by Jimmy Lester.