Budget Amendments and Website for County

Monday, 10 December 2018

Cannon County Commissioners reviewed budget admendments and creating a website for the county in their recent meeting.

Director of Schools William Curtis asked the Commission that $35,000.00 be transferred from general purpose fund to the food service fund for cash flow.  Money will be returned by the end of the fiscal year. This motion passed with an all yes vote.
Curtis also asked the Commission for $40,000.00 for repairs to the baseball field and construction of a building for restrooms, pitching and batting facilities. Originally a donor had offered to fund the bulk of the project.  The donor has backed out of the offer.  Now school money is needed. Commission said there were restrooms and showers that are available at the Community Center. This motion failed with a six to five vote.
Greg Johnson approached the Commission about a website for Cannon County. Cannon County has been playing $1,200.00 a year to the Chamber of Commerce for space on their site. The website Johnson presents is self funded and all volunteer. He already has purchased the domain, CannoncountyTn.org which he will donate to the County. According to Johnson, "Cannon County is my new home. I have always participated in community activities. The county needs a good website and I am capable of providing that.  And this is my contribution to the county". Johnson would be the webmaster of the web site at no charge. The website itself would be a host of information about Cannon County. It would post the agendas of all town meetings, photos of Cannon County, contacts for Government operations, services of the county, a county calendar, any teams or organizations could be listed on the web site. There are plans for a photo contest open to everyone in Cannon County with prizes to populate the web site with local photos. The motion was passed with a six to four vote for Greg Johnson to become the web master and go ahead with the website. The website should be up and running within two weeks.