Mayor and Board of Alderman Establish Workshops

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Updates for Engine #6 were on display for attendees.

Ordinances moved forward, officials reviewed equipment improvements for the fire department and the first workshop was scheduled to assist town leaders with policies filled the agenda of the Mayor and Board of Alderman meeting for January.
Public hearings were held for tow ordinances number 498 and 499. The ordinances dealt with the rezoning of a parcel at 213 East Main Street from high residential to central commercial zoning and three parcels located off of Tanglewood Drive to low density residential.  Both ordinances were accepted on second and final readings.
Engine number six of the Woodbury Fire Department fleet was on display for alderman could see the recent renovations made by members of the department in order to better organize equipment for that vehicle.
Mayor Duggin informed Alderman that several policies for the Town of Woodbury should be reviewed and revised in order to be in better alignment with recent changes.  He suggested that the group starts conducting workshops to deal with the policies.  The first workshop is scheduled for January 29th with a time of 4:30pm.
Prior to the Alderman meeting, the beer board met.  Approval was granted for an “on premise” consumption for DJ’s Restaurant at 805 West Main Street. The permit was requested due to a recent ownership change for the business.