Commission Schedules Special Called Meeting for Schools

Monday, 21 January 2019

Two Cannon County schools for an extended period of time have been in need of roof repairs.  A transfer of funds was the working plan from the Board of Education going into Saturday’s meeting of the Cannon County Commission.  The plan was to transfer $2,419,000.00 from education debt service account to the general purpose fund to make the repairs possible for Cannon County High School and for Woodland Elementary School. 
After some discussion on the best way to handle the project. County Commissioners did not approve a motion to transfer the needed funds. 
Director of Schools William Curtis informed the commissioners that the State Comptroller’s office suggested the development of a ten-year strategic plan to address needs.  A special called meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 5th,, 2019 . County Commissioners and the Board of Education members will begin work for establishing a long range plan.