School Roof Issue Continues

Friday, 8 February 2019

The Cannon County Commission continued to discuss roofs for schools last night. The plan from the Board of Education called for work on 3 schools, Cannon County High School, Woodland Elementary School and a portion of the roof at Woodbury Grammar School at a projected cost of 2.8 Million Dollars.
Commissioners reviewed six options
The response from commissioners was less.  Commissioners reviewed six options.
Commissioner Karen Ashford made a motion for 2.5 Million Dollars on a fixed rate loan for 15 years. The motion died after a second was not made.  Commissioner Ronnie Mahaffey asked to see the projections on loans for 2.1 million dollars on both a variable and fixed rate for a 15 and 12 year. Most commissions believe that type of loan would require a property tax.
Commissioner Corey Davenport presented a proposal using an extension of part of the wheel tax. It is believed that the options would fund the bulk of the project without a property tax increase.
Commissioners will continue the process at the March meeting of the commission.