Contract for Curtis to Continue

Friday, 10 May 2019

Students in Cannon County Schools will soon get their final report card for the year.  Director of Schools, William Freddy Curtis got his, this week.  The Board of Education conducted a review of job performance on Curtis.  Members of the board, school administrators and teachers graded the director. The process used was developed by the Tennessee School Board Association and the rate is based on a points system. Measurement is ranked with a one being low and five the best.  The score for Curtis was 4.24, that score translates to “above expections.”
After the score was announced, board member Bruce Daniel moved to have the current contract for the director extended for two additional years.  The board vote for extension of the directors contact by a vote of four to one. The lone no vote came from Board Chairman Nathan Sanders. Sanders stated that earlier the board had gone on record opposing long term agreements.