Alenander and Fann Honored by Schools

Saturday, 11 May 2019

L-R: Alexander, Curtis, Fann

Cannon County Schools named Stephanie Alexander, 6th – 12th Grades System-Wide Instructional Coach and Angie Fann, Response to Intervention System-Wide Coach as “Employees of the Month” for May 2019. During the May Meeting of the Cannon County Board of Education on Thursday, May 9th, 2019, Alexander and Fann were recognized and presented certificates by Cannon County Schools Director William F. Curtis for their service to the system.  Employees are nominated by School Principals or School District Supervisors and are voted on during monthly Principal and Supervisor meetings regarding individuals who exemplify the Mission and Vision of Cannon County Schools.
Kathy Mullins - Federal Programs/Pre K Supervisor and Chairman of the District Improvement Plan nominated these employees, stated, “In order for Tennessee to reach its goals that all students have the knowledge and skills to successfully embark upon their chosen path in life, it is important that schools, districts, and the state develop strong plans for improvement that aim to incrementally move towards those long term goals. Therefore, all districts and schools in Tennessee are required to create a comprehensive improvement plan that is developed annually by a diverse group of stakeholders to drive prioritization of the work and associated funding decisions to improve educational opportunities for all students. During the planning process, the team is challenged to review various data points to identify the current needs of the district or school. Once the needs are identified, the planning team creates aligned goals, strategies, and action steps that align with the prioritized needs. All plans should be monitored regularly and revised based on students’ needs throughout the school year with input from the planning team. 
Stephanie Alexander, Cannon's District-Wide 6th-12th Instructional Coach, and Angie Fann, Cannon's District-Wide Response to Instruction and Intervention Coach took upon the vital roles in reviewing data, aligning goals for our district and creating the action steps necessary to ensure Cannon's students are prepared for their future. In turn, Stephanie and Angie will assist principals and teachers in reaching the outlined goals.   Our schools will now begin work on their individual School Improvement Plans based on the District's master plan.”
Director of Cannon County Schools, Mr. William F. Curtis stated, “These two veteran teachers now serve all Cannon County Schools.  They worked very hard to assist our Supervisors and the entire District Improvement Plan Team to produce a plan that meets expectations and will affect our schools in a very positive way in the up-coming school year.  These plans, with their associated goals and expectations, are vital to prioritize and to achieve our educational goals.