The Lights Out County General Election Results

Friday, 8 August 2014

The 2014 Cannon County General Election will go down in history as one of the most memorable ones ever.  Not because of the various races however but because of the time that it took to get the election results tabulated.  With polls closing down at 7:00 Thursday night the wait was on for the last in line to finish casting their votes.  Woodland by 7:00 had a long line still left to vote and by 8:30 in the evening all precincts were closed.  But before any results could be aired to the public a huge two county wide power outage occured around 8:45 which really delayed results even more.  The Election Commission and Office did a great job however even though they had to work in the dark for the most part.  By the time the power came back on an hour and 45 minutes later, the totals were known except for the absentee voting.  There were 176 absentee votes which were in the process of being counted well into the early hours of Friday morning.  With that in mind here are the results of the county general election. These are the final results including absentee votes
In the County Executive Race Mike Gannon 1971 votes, David J. Faulkner 1420 votes and Anna Pittman with 507 votes.  Mike Gannon retains the County Exective seat.  
1st District County Commissioner race.  Mark Barker 511 votes, Russell Reed 343 votes, Russell Paschal 285 votes, Jim Gibbs 130 votes.  
2nd District Commissioner
Karen Ashford 358, Todd Hollandsworth 340, Billy Nokes 255, Jamie Byford 108
3rd District Commissioner
Jim Bush 471, James Holloway Jr, 297, Delinda Parton 12 write in votes
4th District Commissioner
Glenn Steakley 336, Brent Bush 318. Kevin Mooneyham 287, Tony Neal 277  Clint Higgins 130, Debby Harvey 55, Forrest Pitcock 47
5th District Commissioner
Richie Hunter 371, Adam Melton 236, Andy Parker 103, Chuck Holt 69, Chris Brushaber 62, Stephen A. Brown 43
Country Trustee
Norma Knox 1537, Shirley Young 1191, Van Nichols 1168
General Sessions Judge
Susan Melton 3053, Dale Peterson 887
Darrell Young 2469, Brad Hall 1526
Circuit Court Clerk
Lynne Foster 2360, Hayden Bryson 1439
County Clerk
Bobby Smith 2075, Matt Teply 1867
Register Of Deeds
Sandy Hollandsworth 1856, Greg Mitchell 1102, Anita Parton 731, Charlie Harrell 301
Road Commissioner Zone 1
Edward Sissom 1857, Bill Sparkman 758, Danny Vythouklas 293, Barry Burt 522
Road Commissioner Zone 2
Doyle Duke 2796
Road Commissioner Zone 3
James Hancock 1984, Bobby Taylor 1414
School Board Member 2nd District
Chris Blackburn 442, Frank Walkup 123 votes as write in
School Board Member 5th District
Shelley Walkup 294, Tony Stinnett 234
Constable 2nd District
Charles Nokes 480
TN Senate 17th Senate District
Mae Beavers 1201, Clark Boyd 803
TN House 46th Representative District (Republican)
Mark Pody 1690
TN House 46th Representative District (Democrat)
Candace Reed 626
Circuit Court Judge 16th District Division 1
Mark Rogers 2650, Jeffery L. Peach 917
Circuit Court Judge 16th District Division 2
Nathan Nichols 1973, David Bragg 1518
Circuit Court Judge 16th District Division 3
Keith Siskin 2233
Circuit Court Judge 16th District Division 4
Royce Taylor-2368
Chancellor 18th District Howard W. Wilson 2069
District Attorney General 16th District
Jennings H. Jones 2237
Public Defender Gerald Melton 3037