State Jr. Beta Club Winners Recognized At Board Meeting

The new Agriculture Building at the Cannon County High School will be named the Stratton Bone Livestock Center.  The former Representative was the key figure in getting the project off the ground.  The motion was made and passed concerning the matter at last nights Cannon County Board of Education meeting.   The Cannon County Education Association presented the School Board with the results of the collaborative conferencing.  The next step was to elect 8 members to the management team.  Three of those positions were filled last night with Board members Bruce Daniels and Nathan Sanders and Central Office Coordinator of School Health Connie Foster.  The other 5 will be chosen by Cannon County Director Of Schools Barbara Parker.  
The Board approved Laura Kaney, who will provide mental health counseling for students with traditional insurance and approved Woodbury Grammar School’s principal Bonnie Patterson request to apply for a $10,000 grant from Nissan.  The winners of the recent Junior State Beta Club competitions were announced.  Jake Parrish of Westside took third place for campaign speech.  Westside Elementary placed third for Campaign Skit.Woodbury Grammar took second.  McKenzie Turney of Auburntown finished second in the speech competition.  Jake Walkup of the Woodbury Grammar School was named the Chaplain which was the first state jr beta club officer to come out of Woodbury Grammar School