Statement From Sheriff Nichols On The Release Of Two Deputies

As most of the citizens of Cannon County know by now I was faced with the difficult task of dismissing two deputies from my department last week.

One officer, Greg Fauls, was fired Wednesday, December 9 for poor work performance and failure to conform to departmental requirements. The latest incident occurred on Tuesday, December 8 at 8:06 P.M. when he (Fauls) reported to 911 Dispatch Center that his patrol unit was in a ditch on Gassaway Road. Approximately two hours later at 10:48 records from 911 show that Fauls’ patrol unit was in a ditch on Pea Ridge Road.

Fauls had been an employee of the Sheriff’s Department since 2005. His dismissal was in no manner a result of the incident between another officer and his girlfriend two weeks ago at their residence.

On Thursday, December 10 Deputy Aaron Hillis resigned his position when he was served by his girlfriend with an Order of Protection. Hillis had been employed by the Sheriff’s Department since 2006.

Since the dismissal of the two officers my department has been subjected to unsubstantiated allegations of wrong doing by individuals over the internet without them having the courage to sign their names, using fictitious pen names. I challenge them to bring forth evidence of any wrong doing or corruption in my department and I also deny that this department has an image problem.

One such media outlet chose to let one individual challenge the honesty and integrity of our Assistant District Attorney, who has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Cannon County and continues to do. To question this individual’s honesty does not even warrant a response. This blatant attack on his character is irresponsible conduct and both parties should be held accountable.

Finally, the manner in which I have overseen the Sheriff’s Department has also been attacked and I adamantly deny those charges. I do have absolute control over my employees and they have worked hard for the citizens of Cannon County since I came into office September 1, 2006. I constantly monitor all my employees and am in daily contact with them and their immediate superiors or supervisors. If there is a personnel problem within the department it is addressed promptly.

My office is open to the citizens of Cannon County. I have a duty and responsibility to the citizens to provide them with proper law enforcement in the form of officers that patrol our county, the management our Jail and to make our community safe. This includes the hiring and termination of all employees. I felt the two dismissals were for the betterment of the department and I stand by that decision today without hesitation.

As I stated last week, I welcome any agency who wants to investigate my department, our books are open. We have nothing to hide from anyone.

Sheriff, Cannon County