Your Input is Needed on School this Fall in Cannon County

Cannon County Schools has formed a Task Force regarding the reopening of schools, which was formed to examine multiple issues in a local response to COVID-19 concerns.  This Task Force includes Cannon County Schools Administrators, Principals, Teacher Representatives, School Parents, Local Health Department Officials, Local Government Emergency Management Officials, and Local Health Care Professionals.

The 2020-2021 school year will be unlike any other.  Cannon County Schools desire to create positive and healthy environments for students, staffs, and families.  We are facing unprecedented times in our Cannon County Schools, and our response to this challenging situation is in “uncharted waters.”  Tennessee Commissioner of Education Dr. Penny Schwinn stated, “The very way in which we are rethinking and redesigning how we deliver education to our children during this pandemic, including how we run our school systems is innovative.  Together, we must embrace this opportunity and what it means for our kids.”

Director of Cannon County Schools, William F. Curtis stated, “The Cannon County Schools Task Force is evaluating multiple scenarios as it relates to school reopening.  Our last day for the 2019-2020 School year was on March 13th, 2020.  As we return in August 2020 to begin the new school year, we are evaluating how that will be conducted.  Most all schools are examining three options or categories:

Category 1 – All Students Physically in School Buildings or “Normal Operations” with certain precautions taken, i.e. social distancing, use of optional masks by students and masks worn by school personnel, etc.

Category 2 – All Students Participate in Virtual and/or Distance Education – This Category would be similar to what occurred between March 13th to May 22nd, 2020, with the difference being assignments would be mandatory and grading completed.

Category 3 – Some Students in Physical Building and Some Students Virtual – This Category is called a “Hybrid” and means that some students could be at school while others are participating online with computer resources at their homes.

The Reopening Task Force will be examining these options and realize that as more cases occur that school closures may result, but learning must continue in various ways.”

Curtis continued, “Cannon County Schools Mission – “Preparing ALL Students for Their Future” continues on regardless of COVID-19 Pandemic. We are developing procedures and plans to be proactive regarding this continuing situation to see our Vision for our Students and Staff to be “Engaged in Excellence Every Day!”  We desire to achieve our Mission and Vision through our major Goal – “To provide a safe and supportive learning environment!”  Achieving that goal in a fiscally challenging environment and ever-changing pandemic situation is what we face in our Cannon County Schools.”

Each of you can assist us!  We are needing your input in an important Cannon County community survey.  This survey is for everyone to give input:  Educators, Parents, Grandparents, Community Members, and Citizens.  The survey is located on the Cannon County Schools Homepage at titled School Reopening Survey or go directly to the following link:–MuV-PqizrsBk2Sg/edit.

The Reopening Task Force will use this data to formulate informed decision-making regarding our Cannon County Schools response.  Please help us by filling this survey out online by Monday, July 6th, 2020.  We sincerely desire this input and appreciate everyone’s participation to achieve another Goal – “To Engage families and communities as PARTNERS in the Learning Process!”