AAA: Tennseess Gas Prices Remain Stable

For the first time in four weeks, gas prices across the state held steady instead of increasing. Gas prices in Tennessee, on average, are the same as last week.

The Tennessee Gas Price average is now $2.23 which is nearly 12 cents more than one month ago and nearly four cents more than one year ago.  “Even though gas prices held steady across the state this week, it’s likely that Tennesseans can expect to pay more at the pump this month ” said Megan Cooper, spokesperson, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Crude oil prices jumped $4 per barrel over last week and are the most expensive that we’ve seen since January 2020. It typically takes a few weeks to see the impact at the pump from changes in crude oil pricing,but given that crude accounts for more than 50% of retail price, it’s very likely that we will see pump prices begin to trickle upward in response.”

Quick Facts

57% of Tennessee gas stations have prices below $2.25 The lowest 10% of pump prices are $2.05 for regular unleaded The highest 10% of pump prices are $2.48 for regular unleaded Tennessee remains the 10th least expensive market in the nation.

Tennessee Regional Prices

Most expensive metro markets – 
Morristown ($2.26), Memphis ($2.26), Jackson ($2.26)

Least expensive metro markets –
Chattanooga ($2.12), Cleveland ($2.14), Clarksville ($2.19)