Alderman Face Issues to Spur Building

Moving forward with planning commission motions, reviewing a past issue and approving new opportunities for equipment upgrades for the police department filled the Tuesday agenda for the Woodbury Mayor and Board of Alderman.

Three public hearing were held for the following:

Ordinance No. 507, an ordinance to allow Ten (10) feet side yard setbacks within the R-2 High Density Residential zoning district (recommended by the Woodbury Planning Commission).

Ordinance No. 508, an ordinance to include regulations for fences within the corporate limits of the Town of Woodbury, Tennessee. (recommended by the Woodbury Planning Commission).

Ordinance No. 509, an ordinance to amend to original budget ordinance for the Town of Woodbury, Tennessee for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019.

All three ordinances were adopted on theirsecond and final readings.

Update regarding the matter of Michael Reed, 208 Murfreesboro Road, and the keeping of livestock on the property. Reed leases the property. In order for the livestock to remain, the property owner would need to request in question would need to be requested for de-annexation by the property owner. Without the de-annexation, the resident will be cited for keeping livestock inside the city limits.

Alderman approved a resolution authorizing the Town of Woodbury to participate in the Public Entity partners “Safety Partners” Matching Grant Program.  The program will (when granted) provide the city with the funding to purchase additional safety equipment for the police department.

Alderman also approved adoption of Resolution 2019-04, a resolution calling for a Public Hearing on the proposed annexation of territory in to the City of Woodbury by “Owner Consent” and approving a Plan of Services.  This section is owned by SLB Partnership located off of John Bragg Highway.  Smith Storage has requested approval to expand their existing business and wishes for all of the property to lie inside city property.