April Meeting of Mayor and Board of Alderman

Mostly routine business filled the April meeting of the Mayor and Board of Alderman for the Town of Woodbury. 
Bob DeWinter has been serving as interim Fire Chief for the past several months. He accepted the position as Fire Chief for the Town of Woodbury, the change occurred following a unanimous vote from the board.
Alderman got an update on the solid waste project from the Chairman of the Joint County-Town Committee Faye Northcutt-Knox.  The committee meet March 26th and heard from advisory representatives from the state.  Some members of the committee are reviewing other operations in similar size counties.  As of now, Knox reported that any further action would be contingent on the County Commission moving forward on the grants from the state.
The Town of Woodbury has considered working with Cannon County on a project to upgrade the Convenience Center. That action was tabled until the county decides what action it will take.
Chief of Police Lowell Womack give the board a report on work at the Police Department.  Some vehicles from the town’s impound lot have been sold through a government website. Members of the department continue to improve services to the public with additional training.  The department is working with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office new grants for local projects.
Public Works Director informed the board he is in the process of reviewing options for upgrading the town’s sewer system. His fact-finding mission will continue and may have another update by the May meeting.
Mayor and Board of Alderman finished the meeting in less than one hour. Next meeting is scheduled for May 8th.