Bradyville Woman And Murfreesboro Man Busted For Car Theft

A Murfreesboro man and Bradyville woman were arrested recently in regards to an auto burglary that was in progress at the time Murfreesboro police responded to the call.  According to police reports, Murfreesboro Police while responding to the scene of the burglary spotted the vehicle matching the description.  The vehicle had a headlight out so a traffic stop was initiated.  While approaching the vehicle, the passenger Ms. Terra Burgess of Bradyville got out of the vehicle and attempted to walk away before being ordered to stop.  The driver, Zachary Thomson of Murfreesboro had black gloves on and was trying to take them off and hide them under the seat.  Police had Thomson exit the vehicle and the clothing he was wearing matched the description given.  A witness and the victim of the auto theft were interviewed.  They stated several items that were stolen.  Those items were visible in Thomson’s car.   The witness gave a positive identification of Thomson as the one he saw breaking into vehicles.  Thomson admitted to the burglaries.  While Police retrieved Ms. Burgess’s cell phone from the glove box, they found a baggie containing 13 Xanax pills along with a pill bottle belonging to someone else.  Further investigation revealed the the pills were stolen from a burglary in October.  Both Thomson and Burgess were charged with burglar to automobile times 4, Theft under $500 and possession of schedule 4 drugs.  Charges are pending from Rutherford County for some stolen County GPS Units that were found in Thomson’s car.