Cancer Society Benefits This Week In Cannon County

Lights on the tree and basketball action will prove beneficial for the American Cancer Society this week in Cannon County.

The sound of Christmas carols filled the air around the public square of Woodbury Sunday afternoon. The lighting ceremony for the annual Love Lights A Tree event brought a group of individuals together with one common purpose, to see an end to cancer. Area residents can make a donation to the Cannon County Chapter of the American Cancer Society and sponsor a”light.” The lights are being reserved in memory or in honor of persons.

Persons wishing to reserve lights on the tree can contact Kori Aycock at Woodbury Funeral Home.

The Annual Cancer Tournament begins Tuesday night at Woodbury Grammar School. Games will be played also on Thursday night and Saturday night.

Tueaday night’s schedule includes:

Westside girls vs. Short Mountain girls 4:00pm
Woodbury Grammar School boys vs. Woodland boys 5:15pm
Eastside girls vs. Woodbury Grammar School girls 6:30pm
Short Mountain boys vs. Eastside boys 7:45pm