Cannon Commission Begins February Meeting

Support of the 2nd Amendment and the fate of the Adams Office Building filled the bulk of discussion and action by County Commissioners during their Thursday night meeting.

Commissioner Corey Davenport proposed Resolution 2020-1, Declaring Cannon County as a Second Amendment Safe Haven County.  Sheriff Darryl Young voiced his support for the measure. Commissioners voted to approve the measure.

County Attorney Chris Coats addressed commissioners on developments in seeking a salutation to the fate of the Good Samaritan Hospital (now known as the Adams Office Building).   A meeting with the State Fire Marshall office, the County Executive and Director of Schools William Curtis and Chairman Javan Fann. Assistant Commission Bainbridge said a plan needs to be approved and providing updates to the state on sixty-day intervals.  Three areas of concern still remain, covering cane fiber tiles with a flameretardant coating.  Updates to the fire alarm system and cap the current sprinkler system and have it de-compressed.

The state as well as local officials are concerned with the possibility of relocating the County Election Commission (one of the numerous occupants of the building) could have a negative effect on this year’s elections.  Three elections are scheduled in the county during this year.  The Fire Marshall’s office indicated if efforts of progress were produced on a regular basis, the deadline could be extended until November.

Commissioner Ronnie Mahaffey relayed to the Board that he felt the best remedy of solving the problem is turning the building over to the Board of Education. The Board has maintenance personnel to better address the issues.

Commissioner Ronnie Mahaffey -Resolution 2020-2, Donate Good Samaritan Hospital to the Board of Education.  The resolution failed by a vote of 3 in favor 6 against.

The commission accepted the resignation of 5th Direct Commissioner Kim Davenport.  Davenport sighted health reasons for stepping down.

Citizens of the county’s fifth district who wish to submit names for consideration to fill the vacant seat on the commission should contact commission members to make their suggestions known.

Commissioners unanimously approved the appointment of Mike Reed to Library Board of Directors.

With the county continuing to solicit bids to repair the Adams Office Building, the decision was reached to recess the meeting until Tuesday, February 18th.