Cannon County Schools Safety Drill Week October 23rd – 27th

Safety Director Bill West

Cannon County Schools holds the safety of our students, faculty, and staff as a top priority. With this in mind, Safety Director Bill West would like to announce that the school system will be holding a Safety Drill Week at each campus the week of Oct. 23rd. The school district already holds drills of different types throughout the school year mandated by the state and allows the students and staff to practice procedures for many situations. This particular awareness week is of importance to not only practice our procedures but also is a reminder to families to please have conversations with their children about school safety and personal safety in general. Mr. West stated, “Our school system can’t be successful without the support of parents, and we believe that this particular week is important for your children to see what this means to you. Also, be aware that if you arrive at your child’s campus and find the doors locked and are informed of a drill in progress, please be patient with us and know the drill will not take very long.”