Cannon County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Complete Training

The Cannon County Sheriff’s Department now has four additional certified officers following their graduation Friday, December 18, 2009 from the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy in Donelson. A total of 60 members of law enforcement for agencies across the state received their certificates as the Basic Police School Session 1440 concluded for 2009.

Sheriff Billy Nichols stated that Deputies Randy Neal and Eric Moss of Woodbury, Steve McMillen of Warren County, Tommy Barker from Coffee County completed the 10-week course Friday. Neal and Barker previously worked in the Corrections Department of the Cannon County Jail.

“This is the first time we have had this many deputies in the Academy at the same time,” said Sheriff Nichols. “They are to be commended for their achievements in completing this extensive training course. They will begin patrolling the roads of Cannon County this week.”

Sheriff Nichols also announced the hiring of Brandon Gullett, a former Woodbury Police Officer. Deputy Gullett began his duties at the Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, December 16. He previously worked at the Sheriff’s Department from September 14, 2006 to April 13, 2007 prior to joining the Woodbury PD where he served from August 2007 to December 11, 2009.

“We have been spread pretty thin for the past several months with many of our deputies working overtime covering for the officers that were attending the academy,” said Sheriff Nichols. “I am glad to have them back and I welcome Deputy Gullett back to our department.”

At the Training Academy the officers received training in such areas as: street drugs, legal issues regarding searches, physical training, gangs, emergency vehicle operations, basic traffic crash instruction, legal instruction, interview and interrogation, administrative law issues, electronic recording and surveillance and other areas of law enforcement.